We had just finished our meal, when Connor burst through the dining hall doors, and with a deafening clatter, they hit against the scarlet walls. 

I knew instantly something was wrong, you'd have to be totally emotionless not to. His face was contorted in pain and anger, and blood ran down his arm, in slow, spiraling movements, caressing his bare wrist, and dropping like tears onto the floor below. I gasped as I saw the vile source of the flow, a deep slit across the side of his neck, fleshy and issuing copious amounts of blood.

Darragh had jumped up immediately, to meet his brother, and protect him if necessary, from the lusting young vampires still seated around the table, their eyes burning with that wild desire.

Still seated in surprise, I stood up and blurred towards them, Darragh trying to calm the shaking, silent Connor, or extract a word  from his trembling lips. 

"What's happened? C'mon, tell me... Connor!" Darragh continued to plead, his voice frightened. 

"They... Killed her," He let out in a rasping sob, falling to the slate floor in despair, his head on his knees, his body shaking violently, as sobs racked his vulnerable body.

I dropped to my knees beside him, tears in my eyes, my whole body motionless with panic. "C-connor, w-who?" I asked anxiously, disbelief running through my veins. 

He only sobbed harder, moaning in anguish, my heart wrenching at the sound of his destroying pain. 

I held him gently, my eyes searching for Darragh, who was standing, in shock, above us. 

I stared at him with  intensity, hoping my eyes would penetrate him. His eyes shot down towards mine to look at me, and I questioned him silently, my whole being terrified at the words I thought he would utter.

"Michelle," He murmured softly, his eyes scrunched in pain. 

Not Michelle, no... She can't be... No!

I let out a choking sob, and held onto Connor with all my power, hoping it would someway hold his broken heart together too. Losing your love, was the only thing, besides destroying the heart physically , that could kill a vampire. 

The End

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