We were sitting in the dining hall, surrounded by impatient students devouring their raw meats with quick, savage movements.

Darragh looked around at them, disgusted.

"See, this is why we eat at Connor's," He said, grimacing as he watched a young vampire tear at a carcuss with inhumane ferocity.

"Yeah well, what can I do? Plus, y'know, we were all like that once,"

"Ugh, we were never that bad," He shuddered. "They really are getting out of control, in the feeding department at least," Darragh said knowingly, in between polite mouthfuls of bloody lamb.

I felt myself shudder, remembering the violent rampage the latest set of new vampires had undertaken in an attempt to control their wild thirst.

When a vampire first entered their new way of life, they had to replenish every cell with what it needed- human blood. A gruesome task, that often left deep scarring upon the vampire, that only had to be completed once a century.

Killing humans, so soon after you had been one, was detrimental to the mind, and soul. But, it was kill ten, replenish your body for a hundred years... Or, disintegrate, die slowly...  It wasn't something any mature vampire looked forward to, and both at fifty years old, Elizabeth and Darragh were comforted by the thought that they didn't need to shed another drop of human blood for another fifty years.

From day to day, the vampires survived on raw and bloody meat, and herbs, which were consumed to protect their heightened senses. They consumed liquids like humans, though generally they avoided anything with strong flavour. As the vampires matured, they slowly became more able to deal with ... blood, in every day life. But accidents did happen, no human was ever perfectly safe within their company, and that's why the Academy was there... to train the vampires, to teach them to restrain themselves... and to prepare them to rule the supernatural world.

The End

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