Calm Down

"Lizzzie," Darragh moaned. "Please will you stop all the fretting! Everything will be okay, for the last time!"

I made a face at him, and quickly jumped in with my retort. "Look, something isn't right. You're going to have to trust me on this one, it's my intuition." I snapped, irritated by his refusal to even try to see things my way.

"But you're being ridiculous!" He said quickly, taking my face in his hands to make me look at him.

I gasped quickly at his touch, but tried to pass it off as surprise. He barely seemed to register it, and looked me in the eyes. "Listen, if it will make you feel better, I'll help." He said slowly, gauging my reaction.

"Really? You will?! Oh thank you!" I squealed in delight, throwing my arms around his neck in excitement.

"Sheesh, Lizzie, it's not that amazing," Darragh said chuckling, and as I pulled back I could see the confusion in his expression.

"Just glad that you're going to help me on this, I'm sure it's not like any other reckoning, Darragh. This coven... I've a feeling they're not to be messed with," I said in a gust, panic colouring my tone.

"Calm down, Lizzie. Promise you'll stop freaking out now I've agreed to look into it?" He asked me gently.

I looked at him, and saw his soft and anxious expression. My heart melted, or so it felt, seeing him look so tenderly towards me.

I took a deep breath, and smiled as best as I could manage. "Sure. I'm good now," I said breathily.

He laughed lightly, and wrapped his arm meaninglessly around my waist. "Come on then, 'cos I'm now so hungry I'd consider eating you," He said light heartedly, laughing at his own lame joke. "So, are you gonna drive me out to Connor's or what?"

I laughed genuinely this time. "With what?"

He scrunched up his face in concentration for a moment, then his expression turned sour.

"Cafeteria it is then."

The End

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