Just Like Always

Darragh towed me along impatiently, towards the academy head's office- Stuart's.

He knocked loudly on the red mahogany door, his mouth drawn in a hard line. Before the reverberations of the knock could fade, the door swung open slowly, revealing the grandeur of the office, and Stuart standing before us.

"I'm just on my way out, so whatever it is, spit it out good and fast," He said gruffly, and Darragh walked in quickly, pulling me with him.

"Yeah, well I'm not here for a chat." Darragh said coldly, and I guessed he was annoyed by Stuart's brusque manner.

"Well, go on then," Stuart said, holding the door open still.

"You're going to need to close the door Stu, this isn't a light matter," I said, frustrated by his unwillingness to listen.

When he still didn't shut the damn door, I sprung forward and slammed it, using only a fraction of my superhuman strength, yet the heavy door quivered threateningly anyway.

Stuart scowled, but crossed the room and sat as his desk. "Right, I'm listening."

"Elizabeth and I were attacked," Darragh said mundanely, then added "Well, her car was," he looked at Stuart's shocked face, and leaned against the door frame, satisfied.

"A coven attacked you! Did they not hear about the summer? Who did it!" He shouted furiously, incredulity still visible on his face.

"We don't know, there was no scent," I added quietly, my mind on other things...

"You don't know? Did you two not attend this academy at all?!" He shouted, his face furrowed with anger.

"No, we don't know, because, if you heard Lizzie- there. Was. No. Scent." Darragh said through gritted teeth.

"How? How could there not be a scent! Every vampire leaves a scent, you know that,"

"Maybe we're not dealing with a coven," I suggested quietly.

Both turned to look at me, disbelief plain on their faces.

"Well, it's one explanation," I defended, already considering the possibilities...

"No, it's a coven alright. They just know what they're doing," Stuart muttered distractedly.

"Well, we'll crush them, no matter how much they know," Darragh said, grinning at me.

I gave him an anxious look, and he squeezed my hand. "We'll defeat them... just like always,"

"Ever cross your mind that perhaps we won't be able to?"

Stuart let out a cold ringing laugh. "Never, Elizabeth, never. We're the most advanced, and the rest of them know it.  And if this lot don't.... they will,"

"But it'll be too late," Darragh said happily, his male hormones ensuring his love for the fight.

"For one of us..." I muttered unhappily.

"Quit being such a girl Lizzie and start strategizing with us," Darragh said jokingly, and sat me down on a chair.

I sat there, and listened to them planning various attacks and formations. But I couldn't pay attention, or offer any imput. I couldn't shake the feeling, just like Darragh had in the car, that this time, something was seriously wrong.

The End

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