Spread the Good News

The car was hurling through the air, and time had slowed so that I was agonisingly aware of every passing millisecond. Darragh pulled me over with brute force, and held me in his arms, his body protecting mine. I felt so secure, this was the way it should be… I shook myself- we had a situation in hand. Two seconds had passed since we had been thrown, and my mind started belatedly racing… considering who this was involving… The car landed on the road, ten metres from where its ascent had begun, and shuddered violently. Darragh released his hold on me instantly, and furiously pulled his way out of the metal wreck that was my car. I followed, more wary than Darragh, towards who had decided to cause a reckoning, who had dared to question the rank of our coven.

I pushed myself through the gap Darragh had made in the side door, scraping a long trail of blood down my forearm on a jagged edge. I groaned, not at the pain, but at the complications my blood would bring, if whoever had attacked us was still lurking. I looked for Darragh, to see him pacing agitatedly around the section of road, his investigation seemingly completed.

He turned to look at me, but I was searching for a scent, a message as to who was looking for the fight, seeing as he seemed reluctant to share it with me.

“There’s none. Nothing, not even three hundred metres back or around.” He said, his voice cold and infuriated.

“Nothing? How could there be nothing? Don’t be ridic-”

“See for yourself,” He said, his eyes stony. He took my forearm gently, and wiped the blood away with his shirt, his eyes brooding. “You won’t find a thing, though.”

My temper flared at his mood. “Fine. I will go, I think that perhaps you’re making mistakes, in the circumstances,” I said haughtily, and sped off to circle a mile around where we were, always searching, for the tell tale black mark on the surrounding fields… or the luring scent of sweet honeysuckle- how it would smell to me, though Darragh would of looked for a different perfume, seeing as the scents of vampires were individual to the vampire seeking.

There was nothing. Not a single piece of evidence to show who had initiated the reckoning. No… There had to be something! There was always something… we were taught that at the academy… I ran breathtakingly fast to the site where we would have been thrown in the air. I knelt on the ground, and closed my eyes, breathing slowly, in and out… waiting for the moment when the wind would throw me the direction…

“What the hell are you doing?” Darragh asked me, evidently amused.

“I, am looking for movements in the wind.” I said huffily. I closed my eyes again, but the moment was gone, he’d disturbed it. “Thanks a lot, Darragh.” I muttered, to hear him chuckle. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, a look of incredulity and humour on his face.

“What?” I asked defensively.

“Stu’s right. You really are quite something,” He said quietly, as if to himself.

“What do you mean by that!” I said, standing abruptly.

He looked at me, amused again by my tone. “He said, that we could learn a lot from a little thing like you. Always thinking outside of the box. Stuff like that. Who told you to look for wind disturbances?”

I thought about it carefully, raking through my memories as a student in the academy.

“I’m.. not sure. I think, one of the professors said something once, about how wind holds reverberations of vampires movements… Because of the serious speed. But… I guess it just made sense to feel for them,” I said, talking almost to myself, thinking about Stu’s statement.

I felt burgeoning pleasure at the thought of Stuart Cole, saying something complimentary, something rarely achieved by anyone. Darragh could obviously see it on my face, because he continued “He also said that’s why we should remind you of the fundamental stuff, cos you forget,” He grinned cheekily, and I gave him a whack across the arm, smiling.

“But seriously. I would never of thought of that. Cool stuff,” He smiled warmly, and offered his hand out to me.

I took it cautiously, trying to remind myself that he didn’t mean anything by it… he was my friend. My good friend… “Yeah, and it might have worked too, if you didn’t put your big foot in it,”

He gasped in false shock. “Me? No, never!”

We laughed together, and he gave my fingers a light squeeze. “C’mon Lizzie, we better get back, y’know, spread the good news.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right.” And with that, we sped off into the light dusk, back towards the academy.


The End

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