Tatum skipped inside as I closed the door behind her. She did her usual polite greeting to my dad. He was slouched on the couch. His eyes flickered toward Tatum and he grunted. "Hello". 

"Shall we begin?" I smiled and raised an eye brow.

"Let's." Tatum returned the smile and extended her arm for me to lead her.

I started down the hall with Tatum behind me. As we were walking down the hall Tatum started singing some Christina Aguilera song in her high soprano voice.  

We reached the room and I sank into my light blue bean bag chair. Tatum sat on the ground cross legged across from me. 

"Did you really call me over just to work on the project?" Tatum asked with a hint of mischievousness. "We should just chill." She unfolded her legs and laid on the floor with her hands behind her head and stared at the ceiling. A smile grew on her face. "We still have two weeks left till it's due."

"Well, Jasper and Tiago are already done. I don't know, I guess we could put it off for a few days." I started to pick at my fingers. 

She sat up and wrapped her arms around her tiny knees. 

"Do you want to watch the guys at football practice?" She had her head leaned to the side. 


"C'mon!" She yanked my arm and managed to pull me up from the bean bag chair. She's so much stronger than she looks. I should remind myself never to go to the gym with her.

Some odd gurgled noise escaped my mouth. 

I was being hulled by a 100 pound girl. 

"Dad, we're going to watch the football practice!" I managed to tell my dad where we were headed right before we slipped out the door. He was so engrossed with his movies that all he said was, "Mhmm."

"Did you know Jason's on the Varsity football team this year?" Tatum told me with excitement. 

She was trying to shove me in the passenger seat of her Corvette she drove herself here in. 

Jason? No, no, no, no.

I held myself where I was, pushing against Tatum to resist going in the car.

"No! W-we cannot go. Not with Jason there," I said, slightly wanting to go see him but my nervousness over powering my desire to go. It was like that a lot. I couldn't decide whether I was scared of him or I was obsessed with him. 

I liked Jason since sophomore year. He was perfect, to me. He was sweet, charming, outgoing, funny, cute, -- and out of my league. I spent too much time imagining what future I could have with him. Besides, there were plenty of girls who liked him. All of which had a much better chance than me. Jason wouldn't choose me if there's all those beautiful and not-awkward girls waiting for him. There was no point in me being so infatuated with him. I told myself that several times, that it's going to end bad if I don't cut it out, but I still insist on liking him.

Tatum knew about my feelings to Jason. She tried to get me to "casually appear" at the same places he happens to be at several times.

"Yes, we are going whether you want to or not." Tatum kicked me in the seat and slammed the door shut before I could escape. Although it was unlocked, I could've just opened it and walk out. I gave up and just stayed in the car. At least I'm going to see Jason.

Tatum entered the driver's seat and put her seat belt on. 

"Safety first."

I reluctantly clicked my seat belt in place and crossed my arms, pouting. I can't believe I'm being so immature. I should be kinda happy that I'm seeing him. I confuse myself.

She put the key in place and the engine roared. She reversed out of the driving way and onto the road. We were just sitting there in silence as she drove.

Tatum turned on the radio and started singing to the song. 

I was staring out the window when I realized I knew the song. My lips started moving without my permission and I was quietly singing along. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Tatum glanced at me and smiled, still singing. 

My singing went to normal volume. I unlocked my arms and sat up. My childish mood disappeared. 

Tatum and I were both singing. She started dancing in her seat with her arms on the steering wheel. Tatum blasted the song louder and rolled down the windows.

Now we were both singing the song with all our hearts. My head was bobbing to the beat. The people in the cars next to us were making the what-the-hell? face. 

I stared at them and smiled, like some creepy clown, still singing. They were frightened now and drove off as fast as they could. 

Tatum was moving her shoulders up and down as she drove and I started fist pounding.

This is why we were best friends.

The End

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