The RebelliousMature

Nerdfighters include Tatum, Jasper, Tiago, and me, Micah.

The ants were all in a line. Marching together, all in synchronism. I could almost hear the thumps of their little feet against the concrete. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. 

The ant in the front reached the pile of chip crumbs I purposely crushed up for them. Its antennae were wiggling over the crumbs, inspecting them. The antennae suddenly stopped wiggling. The ant picked up a crumb and passed it over to the next ant in line. That ant carried it to a small pile of dirt and disappeared inside with the crumb. 

The ant in the front continued doing this, handing the next ant in line a crumb, and that ant bringing it inside the ant hill. 

With my chin in my hands, lying on my stomach, I watched. All working together, until the ant handing out the crumbs was the only one left. 

It picked up a crumb, and crawled over to the ant hill and wiggled itself inside. 

I was now alone. Good bye, ants.

Funny how ants seemed more cooperative with each other than humans.

The first ant helped every single one of the other ants before itself. Selflessness. Consideration.

The human species are selfish, moronic, and violent creatures. Solving everything with war, with guns and bombs. The only thing humans want is power and money. 

"Micah, Lucas's calling ya," my dad called with his head popped out of the front door, waving the phone in the air.

I stood up from my drive way and stroked my hands against my shirt a few times to get the dirt off. 

Lucas was one in our group of four Nerdfighters. We called him Jasper, though. The others Nerdfighters included myself, Nima, and Tiago. Nima was otherwise known as Tatum.

I skipped to the house and grabbed the phone from my dad's hand, ignoring his grunt and scrunched eyebrows.

My dad was always peculiar about my friends. He thought that I "should hang out with 'normal' teenagers". What he didn't know was that "normal" teenagers only thought about football, shopping, their appearances, and sex. My dad also thought my friends were "weird". Everybody thought we were. The word "weird", I thought, didn't define us; we were just a group awkward, dorky teenagers stuck in the 21st century. 

"S'up, Jasper?" I said into the phone once I reached my room.

"Tatum just hacked another one."

All four of us Nerdfighters played a computer game called Fortress Story, in which Tatum was the best player among us. She also hacks. 

"You serious? She shouldn't do it so consistently; she could get banned from the game." I threw myself onto my bed.

"Yes, I agree. Although, Tatum's victim is quite affluent. He's also acquired some rare weapons."

"Damn, Tatum. Add her in the call."

Few seconds later I hear her voice in the phone.

"Jas, this guy's loaded. I could divide it with you, Tiago, Micah, and me," She squealed.

"Hey, Tatum," I said, trying to get her to realize I was already in the call.

"Oh, my god, Micah. I hacked another one, and this guy's no noob. He's even got the Glydiss Sword."

"I heard," I replied while thinking about the other valuables this guy could have. Not a lot of people can afford a Glydiss Sword. "You should be more cautious. You've been hacking at least two people a week. Could get banned."

"Banned, shmanned. I know what I'm doing, Micah."

"M'kay, then," I said, with doubt in my voice.

"Maybe Tiago would like to hear the good news?" Jasper said. 

I realized that Jasper just added him in the call when I heard Tiago say, "Good news?"

"I caught a rich guy. I'm actually feeling quite generous right now, so I'mma split his wealth with you guys." Tatum giggled.

"Exactly, how rich is this guy?" Tiago questioned. 

"Let's just say he's the Bill Gates of Fortress Story."


"That's what I said," I chuckled. "Oh, by the way, Tatum, can you come over? We should finish our English project."

"Yeah! Sure! I'm not busy. I'll be there in maybe 10 minutes." Her phone clicked and it was just the three of us. 

"So what are you guys doing for the English project?" I asked. 

Our English project was to choose an inanimate object and list the possible symbolic characteristics of the item with a partner.

Jasper answered my question. "Tiago and I chose an apple."

"I see. The Forbidden Fruit. Interesting choice. Although, I suppose Twilight had an impact on your decision. It's okay, Jasper. Vampires are irresistibly sexy." I laughed to myself. 

"Very funny, Micah. Your assumption is utterly fallacious, though. My sister was watching Snow White the other day, so that's were my inspiration came from."

"We're actually finished with it. Even though it's not due until two weeks from now," said Tiago. I could sense the pride in himself.

"Maybe you two would consider helping Tatum and me. We have narrowed down to a few options, but we haven't really decided on one," I offered.

I knew how Tiago and Jasper loved to help. Actually, they just loved to flaunt their intelligence. It made them happy knowing others realized how smart they were. My offering wasn't all for their benefit, though. I was nearly just as smart as them,--Tiago, Jasper, Tatum and I are all in the top of our classes--but I was just slightly more lazy, which they already knew. I, along with Tiago and Jasper, didn't mind that they did most of the work.

"With your definition of 'help', Tatum probably isn't going to allow that. You know how she is, Micah," Jasper said. Apparently he knew what I meant by "help". 

Tatum hated cheating. Not necessary for the sake of being honest. If it was for be the sake if being honest, it would be quite ironic since she hacks people on Fortress Story. She hated cheating because she knew we didn't need it. She said that we could get by school with out.

"Well, shoot." I said, with fake hopelessness in my voice. 

"Sorry, Mic. We'd love to 'help' you. Honestly, 'cause we have nothing else to do," said Tiago. I could hear the smile in his voice. 

"It's cool, guys. Tatum and I can get it done anyway. Umm, speaking of Tatum, her arrival is nigh. Be best I go. Good bye, fellow Nerdfighters." I even did a salute, even though they couldn't see it. 

"Good bye, Nerdfighter," Jasper and Tiago said at the same time. 

I pushed the end call button and sat up on my bed. 

I wonder what they talk about when Tatum and I aren't around. Do they talk about hot girls like normal teenage boys do? Haha, probably not; they're Nerdfighters. 

The first thing I saw was the book Looking for Alaska lying on my desk. The paperback cover was curved upwards, showing how much I've opened the book. 

The author of this book, John Green, was where we got the term Nerdfighter. All four of us love John Green. We basically worship him. Our adoration towards John Green was how we all became best friends in the first place. 

I glanced over to west wall.

It was covered with my drawings. Mostly, the only thing I drew, were portraits. If they weren't portraits, then they were just people. 

On the other wall, it had my photography I took with my Canan camera my dad got me for my birthday. 

I never put any of my personal pictures up. They were only on Facebook. I never really took pride in those pictures. Although, they are of nice quality and have rich colors, due to my expensive camera. The only pictures I took pride in, were the ones on my wall. They actually showed emotion, beauty, and meaning. 

Scattered among my desk, were notebooks. Inside those notebooks, contained my writing practices. They were filled with writings such as stories, poems, journal entries, and song lyrics I wrote for Tatum. 

That was the thing about Tatum. She had a talent in everything people thought were cool. Like dancing, playing instruments, singing, acting. She was even athletic and super gorgeous.

I used to be jealous of her, but then I realize how immature it was and got over it. Besides the fact that I was acting immature, she was one of my best friends. What if she knew I used to be jealous of her? I wonder how it feels for someone to be jealous of you. 

The only good things about myself is that I had a talent in drawing, writing, and photography. My eyebrows were pretty nice though, only 'cause Tatum shaped them for me. Besides that, I'm pretty average. I'm not super pretty. Basic brown eyes and brown hair. Nose a little out of proportion. Eyes a little too close together. My face was too round. I had braces. I didn't have a curvy body or expensive clothes. I'm a horrible athlete. My singing sounds croaky and manly. I'm a huge klutz, so dancing is out of the way. 

There was a huge sloppy pile of books on my floor. I wonder if you can have a talent in reading.

The door bell rang. 

I raced out of my room and got the door before my dad could shoo Tatum away, like he did several times.

He was there already, his hand on the door knob. He looked out the window and frowned. 

"Dad." I glared at him. 

He glared back and me, threw up his hands in defeat, and slumped back on the couch to watch his movies. 

I opened the door. 

She was as beautiful as ever. Her long dark layered auburn hair was curled away from her face. She was wearing an oversized tribal geometrical sweater, skinny jeans, and tan moccasins. 

I looked at her face. Even after two years of being friends with her, I couldn't fathom how pretty she was even without makeup.

She smiled and flashed her brilliant white teeth and clapped her hands together.

"Let's get started, baby."


The End

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