The Rebel And The Nerd.Mature

The rebel, Faith Bird, was the most beautiful girl in the school, though she had a mysterious edge to her, not speaking to people much and her emerald orbs that one could easily get lost in held too many secrets for a 17 year old. After years of holding her hot mysterious rebel reputation, she meets the nerd of the school, but can Rose knock down the rebels walls?

Emerald orbs looked down as she waited patiently for the class to end, her leg bouncing up and down and her black boots tapped on the hard ground causing her to earn a disapproving look from her teacher, Adam. Her name was Faith Bird; she was 17 years old and was blessed with the beauty of a Goddess, her piercing green eyes stood out from the pale complexion of her skin and her long, wavy dark hair framed her face as it was pulled into a messy bun that made her beauty stand out more. Faith was the silent yet mysterious rebel of the school, her looks and attitude had everyone, boys and girls, lusting after her and trembling when she even stepped near them, they were putty in her hands but Faith didn’t see why. She had no love for herself. Faith started to get impatient, her eyes glancing towards the window at the sky, longing to go outside and free herself from the misery called school, but Adam had his eye on the rebel, knowing she was on her way to planning an escape. “Miss Bird, can you tell us the reason...” Adam’s voice got quieter as Faith muted him from her hearing, her ears too focused on the sound of the wind and birds up in the sky, a smile playing on her crimson red lips. “Faith! Go to the Nurse now!” Adam shrieked, his eyes widening as he realised Faith had accidentally cut her lip on the pen she had been chewing without realising it. Once Faith had noticed, she smiled at the sound of freedom and nodded, escaping the class and heading towards the Nurses office, knowing the window was open to reveal the breeze and smell of freshly cut fields. 

The End

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