When Push Comes to PunchMature

"So, what do you want to do after school, Jaxon?" Chris asks while he shoves another handful of Trix cereal into his mouth, his mom was too hungover to make him an actual lunch this morning, but it isn't like she has ever done that anyway. "We could go ride bikes to the lake and blow up frogs." He continues, "or-"

"I'm going to try to talk to Columbine today after school," I cut him off, taking a bite out of my ham sandwich. 

His eyes widen and he smirks. "So, your finally gonna ask her," He starts clapping. "Congrats, bro." His head is turned down and his black hair is in his face making his smirk look even creepier. I laugh a little and took another bite from my sandwich. I look behind Chris at Columbine. She has one hand holding her book and another in a bag of potato chips. As I stare at her, she looks up at me for a second and blushes, looking back down at her book.I stand up a little before I'm pushed down by two big hands into my sandwich. I get up and look at my ,now stained with mustard, shirt and then look back at Columbine. She looks at me and then at James, the boy who pushed me down. I turn around and growl at him, but him and his jock friends just laugh and push my sandwich down on the ground then kick me back onto the bench. 

James and his friends walk over to Chris, I can tell he is scared by the way he's gripping the big box of cereal. They laugh when they look down at it and begin to make jokes about how his mother is a drunk whore and his dad ran away with a prostitute when Chris was 7. "I saw your dad trying to pick up another prostitute last night Chris." "Nice fucking cereal, we can totally tell your mother doesn't care about you anymore." They all laugh and slap his head and steal his cereal from his hands. Everyone is laughing at us know, Chris is blushing and looking down, embarrassed for both of us. Columbine stares at us is disbelief. 

James comes back over to me and pulls my dirty blonde hair back, I cry out in pain and he laughs. "Oh look, your crush is looking at ya," They all laugh and make kissing noises. I can feel my face heat up, my fists clench and I can feel my heart racing. I turn around and punch him right in the face. Everyone gasps as a long drop of blood drips out. He glares at me and punches me back in the face, and we begin to fight. 

One of James' friends tackles Chris and begins to fight him and soon everyone is around us, cheering us on as we fight. I punch James in the side of his head, and he knees me in the junk and I go down. He punches me in the face while I'm down and I can feel myself passing out, everything is going black and the last thing I hear is the principal telling us to cut it out. 

The End

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