The Glowing Light in the Middle of the CrowdMature

She is beautiful, quiet, and shy. She sits in the back of the classroom, reading her novels about teenagers falling in love or going through a life changing experience in every class even though it's making her fail. I watch her in every class we have together, wishing that I could get up the nerve to talk to her. I think about asking her out all the time, imagining all the scenarios that would happen if she said yes or if she said no.  

I tap my fingers on the desk and watch her, she turns the pages of her book quickly, her eyes darting back and forth in front of them. Her baby blue cardigan is wrapped around her slender form and is hanging down off of her knees, far from touching the light purple converse on her feet. Her black framed glasses hang off her small nose, shielding her bright green eyes. Her long golden hair is tied into a bun and every once in a while, a long strand will fall in front of her face. 

The classroom is quiet except for her page turning and the occasional sound of someone's ringtone. I smile at her, she crosses her legs and bounces her foot. I've had a crush on her since I first saw her, she had just shown up about 3 days after the first day of school, she walked into the classroom wearing a peach colored dress and a pink cardigan. She hasn't even said a word to me or to anyone else for that matter, but she was the topic of everyone's conversations, she was a glowing light in the middle of a crowd. Then one day, everyone stopped trying to talk to her and everyone stopped talking about her, she was no longer a light, but now just a normal girl in a crowd, nothing out of the ordinary and nothing special. Except to me.

To me she is the most beautiful, most special girl I've ever seen. 

The End

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