The Reaper of Life

A poem I wrote when I was in a rather dark place... which has happened a lot lately. About my persona, Azrael.

And so the moon begins to rise
the demons of the night will no longer hide

For their mother has called upon
them to join and romp upon

The rotting corpses of human flesh
whose smell and sight is no longer fresh

But all the merrier, they jump with glee
for those demons know that they are free

To follow their mother through the night
torturing souls without a fright

Those humans fear not, in fact they smile
and the demons snicker all the while

So as those humans take their dying breath
they whimper “I wish for a night, one last!”

The demons, with their vicious teeth
grin and bare ‘em to the weak

And give the humans one last try
before they take them all to die

And those humans run, flee
tails tucked between the knee

To make up for what they’ve done wrong
all through the life-long

Hell they caused to other beings
spitting names and giving beatings

To save a soul that is so bitter
the demons find no one fitter

Fitter than she, the Reaper of Life
come to end the demons’ strife

Come to claim the soul that is hers
arrived without a single word

But disclaim the right the demons give
no more pity for their sins

So as she strikes the final blow
the humans whisper
“I did not know”

The End

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