This is my Fate.Mature

Her family was killed in front of her. Her friends abandoned her. She bared war scars, emotional pain, physical trauma. She bares the masked of the reaper. A mask that gives its users unimaginable powers. But what more can the lone survivor of an all powerful race need more power for? Descendants of angels, Arkanines were gifted with wings so large and majestic, pure black. Only those of Cane descent were given white wings so pure. So filled with anger and hate and self loathing she begins to t

"Nova! NOVA!!"

I slowly opened my eyes, groaning in misery. Everything was blurry. I blinked away the morning blindness. The sun was warm on my skin. Kas was burrowed under my arm purring happily. The smell of bacon and pancakes teased my nose making my tummy growl craving the delicious mortals downstairs. I looked at my clock it read 8:00.

'The old crone never lets me sleep in.'

I looked down at Kas. His black fur tickled my stomach, I rubbed his stomach. He opened his bright blue eyes. It was like staring out into the ocean. He liked my thumb. I smiled.


I flinched, Kas jumped off the bed and ran into my one door closet, next to my white three drawer. I didn't have much. I never did. One white room so barren it looked like no one lived here.

'Wouldn't call this exactly living..'

The white walls were barren except for various areas where the paint was chipped off. It always smelled like a sweat shop no matter what I did. One window, that couldn't even be opened. A cracked full body mirror. I sighed rubbing my temples. I threw the blankets off of my body and slowly got out of the bed. Sweat pants and a plain black t shirt was my outfit for the day. I looked at myself in the mirror regretting it the moment I did.


"IM COMING!" I shouted at the decrypted women down stairs.

'Why won't you drop dead already!'

 I ignored my hideousness.

'I wasn't going outside today so who the hell cares.'

I just grabbed myblack elastic and tied my midnight, black, straight hair into a ponytail. It stopped just below my arm pits if let down. I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror as I walked to the door. I saw something, standing behind me. A black figure. 

'What the hell?' 

A blood freezing gust of wind engulfed my body. Suddenly my elastic broke and my hair swung into my line of sight temporarily blinding me.

"Son of a bitch!"

I managed to get my unruly hair out of my eyes. I whipped around to look behind me but nothing was there. I rubbed my face in aggravation. I looked into the mirror again and saw my bright blue eyes, and the scar that traveled down the right side of my face. I should've died, I should've become blind. But I didn't I was left alive in sorrow and pain. I was left alone. I let my hair fall over my face and headed down stairs.

'What was that thing?...I have to stop eating candy before bed...or something?' I shook my head as I headed down to the kitchen. The smell of syrup and pancakes and sausage grew calling me to the table. 

"Nova! About time you got your lazy ass up out of bed!" the old crone at the stove sneered at me as I snatched a sausage off a plate.

"Gretchen please it is to early for this bickering. Good Morning Nova." Richard said sweetly. Gretchen grumbled as she turned back to the stove.

"Good Morning Richard." I said as I sat across from him at the table.

Richard and Gretchen were a old couple that were friends of my parents. They found me an took me in. They didn't have much to begin with but I didn't complain I never did.

'But I won't be living off of them anymore..'

Gretchen is an old women, 5'3 and pure white hair, and bright green eyes. Richard was a sweet old man 5'9, gray hair, and bright hazel eyes. They were completely different but they work together so well.

A steaming hot plate filled with pancakes and sausage and bacon was placed in front of me. I devoured it in minutes.

"Your cooking is magical." I sighed as I finished off the last of my pancakes.

"Why thank you!" Gretchen said bubbling with pride.

I brought my plate to the sink, and started to do the dishes that were already in the sink. A gush of cold wind surrounded my body. I turned around and I looked at Gretchen and Richard they seemed unfazed. I looked back to the sink. In the reflection of the faucet I saw a black blurry blotch. Chills ran up and down my arms. I dropped the plate into the soapy water. I didn't turn around I watched it in the reflection of the faucet. It leaned closer till I could feel its hot breathe against my ear.

"Your fate was sealed the minute you were born. Arkanine child. This is your fate." 

All I saw was blackness. All I heard was a women screaming.

The End

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