First Contact

"We needed supplies, we were starving, our children were stillborn, our cattle diseased. When we saw the hut we were so happy, we were saved. When we were close to the hut we saw that it was made out of the trees and the Earth, this was not a Mountain Dweller's home. This was a new design. Possibly a new type of people. They came out from the hut wearing cow skin clothes, much different to ours. When they spotted us they panicked and ran East, when we gave chase and yelled they ran faster. They feared us, we were the first they'd seen.

Days after we returned with a small group, we went to their city to offer trade, food for protection. Almost as soon as we appeared they fired their arrows, we were taken by surprise, many of us died in the first volley.

We returned to our village and prepared for war, our finest warriors were ready from when we first saw them. We marched, rode and flew to their cities. We took control of the creatures and the trees to destroy them. We had never been in such a war, the enemy were ruthless and suffered many losses. Our creatures and rangers were much more powerful than any of our enemies soldiers.

After many days of fighting, they gained new soldiers, men and women of the elements, they cast pure fire and ice from their palms and used it against us. We were ruined in this war, our success was short lived at the beginning.

We had to give up, we retreated to our forests and sent a surrender. It was only our luck that they accepted, we thought that they were going to kill every last one of us. We gave thanks by calling them by their true names of "Humans".

We asked them to aid us in our long war with the Mountain Dwellers. Once they accepted we informed them of their superior knowledge and their alliegance with the Miners.

War was coming, and we'd only just found each other." - First Contact

The End

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