The Beginning

"It was as if a hand reached down from the heavens and caused the land to create our species. The earth grew and connected with the clouds and formed a shape. This shape was our shape, this was covered with skin and reinforced with bone. Our minds were created by parts of the stars.

Some were given more knowledge than others, these are our leaders and teachers. Others were given powers, these are our shamans and healers. Many of our species were given strength, power over others was the one way of ruling the land in the early times.

Slowly the smarter of our species developed tools and they were rulers. This is the way it stayed. The shamans became known of their powers within some years of creation. They first used powers for simple things, growing their crops faster, cattle give more milk and offspring. Slowly, they created creatures, new ones, flying creatures, burrowers. They then learned to master the elements. This caused them to wage war against their leaders, they believed that they could overthrow them and rule better. When they failed rules were put in place so that they could never use their powers unless it was absolutely necessary. The more trustworthy magicians used warding spells to enforce these.

We lived in a stubborn society unbeknownst to the world beyond the hills. How much there was in the world other than our small amount of fields.

It wasn't until they came into our lands that we knew there was more. They came and stole, and pillaged. They were a plague in our otherwise perfect society. We Humans tried, we fought, the warding spells were lifted but nothing would kill them. They called upon the trees and the earth and the skies to fight us, the animals turned on us, slaughtered us. We didn't stand a chance. But our shamans pulled the fight back for us. We were able to banish them back to their domain, these 'Tree Climbers' as we used to call them. They went back to their forests and tree huts. Many years later we learned their true name when we were agreeing on a trade and alliance. Elves." - The Beginning

The End

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