The Realm of Darkness

Years ago an ancient evil was shut away to keep peace and tranquillity in the land. This evil has awoken and old enemies must unite to defeat it.

Once in an anicent time there were the Five Great Mythics who were masters of different skills. They had a Mother who controlled Free Will and a Father who controlled Satisfaction.

The first was the Master of Battle, he created a species that were trained in the way of the sword. He named them Humans.

The second was the Mistress of Nature, she created a species that were one with nature and did not harm it. She named them Elves.

The third was the Master of Technology, he created a species that created the newest technology. He named them Orcs.

The fourth was the Master of Mining, he created a species that could stay underground for years and would not have to see sunlight. He named them Dwarves.

The final Mythic was the Master of Death, he created a species that could not feel pain or love and only felt hate. He named them Chaos Beings.

The Five Mythics argued for many Centuries over who had the best species but after 700 years their Father stepped in and gave each species a flaw.

Humans could never make peace if already in war.

Elves could not hurt any living animal.

Orcs would always make a technology with at least one flaw.

Dwarves could not see the sunlight otherwise they would burn.

Before their Father could give the Fifth Mythic's species a flaw he fled to the dark lands and took the species with him. Their Father begged their Mother to make him come back but she replied.

"My job is not to change free-will, but to keep it in balance."

At this their Father threw their Mother to the ground and in a singal blow killed her. The remaining four Mythics were witness and saw their Father flee over the Inanimate Sea into the distance. The Mythics talked about what to do until The Second Mythic decided they should all choose land to best suit their species.

The First Mythic chose the Grass Lands of Yeardgard.

The Second Mythic chose the Forests of Kanaput.

The Thrid Mythic chose the Mountains of Harrowfeld.

The Fourth Mythic chose the Caves of Lowador.

They drew a map with borders for each species and gave the dark lands to the Fifth Mythic, they named the land The Realm of Darkness.

For over 200 years there were small quarrels between the siblings and this grew into an almighty war that split them apart with Humans and Elves in one alliance and Orcs and Dwarves in another.

The Dwarven Mythic built caves running deep in the ground and broke out in the Mountains of Harrowfeld giving the Orcish Mythic easy access to his supplies to make better weapons.

The Human Mythic rallied every one of the species to fight, those who refused were banished, the Elven Mythic called upon nature for assisstance when it was most needed.

The mythics all took up mortal forms to meet eachother on the battlefield. The battle that followed lasted for one year until, unexpectedly on the 41st of Midyear in the Age of War, a large shape rose up from past the Mountains of Harrowfeld from the Realm of Darkness. There had been many rumours of these creatures being sighted from the mountain tops but no one had expected them to be real. It was a Dragon of Malice, created newly by the Fifth Mythic who had become known as the Dark King.

The warriors all fled when the Dragon swooped down and spat molten flames down onto the land. The remaining four Mythics used their powers combined to destroy the Dragon and give a flaw to the Chaos Beings. They could never leave the Realm of Darkness and if they tried they would instantly disintergrate.

The Mythics rejoined forces and marched against The Dark King. A great battle ensued and the Dark King was destroyed, the remaining four Mythics left the Realm of Darkness and never looked back but only a few decades later loud sounds of lighting and thunder came from the Realm, the Dark King had been ressurrected by some surviving Chaos Beings and was now more powerful than ever...

The End

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