Narrator Introduction

An English teacher gets more than he bargained for when two aliens visit him. Also there's oranges and, what's a Fleshbag? Find out!

Hello Mr. or Miss or Ms. Reader.  I am the Narrator.  As it is custom when introducing oneself, one starts with a name! Hi! My name is Chris.  I am not in this novel for you see, I am the Narrator who is going to be narrating the story that you are about to read.  You know me as an Omniscient Narrator.  What is your name?

Ah! That is my favorite name!  As customary to person to person relations, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I have seven children with my wife, Martha.  We’ve been together for seventeen omniscient years. Somehow, I knew it would happen!

I have a joke for you.  A writer, an alien who loves Canada, and an antihumist extraterrestrial enter a bar.  What happens? Lets find out! Maybe.

The End

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