That NightMature

I don't know how long I lent against the bathroom door just sobbing hysterically out of my mind when I finally heard a knock on the door and the voice of my principal now known to be my aunt through the door.

"Honey? Tricia? Are you alright? Open the door please. You need to come downstairs and eat so we can talk."

Before answering I crawled weakly to the toilet and was sick a few times then rinsed my mouth at the sink still crying.  "Go Away please Just Go away." I just couldn't seem to stop crying.

"Listen to me Tricia if you don't open the door and come out on your own I'll open the door myself with the key Jer gave me now what's it going to be?"

I screamed at Mrs Schryer then. "Don't you dare I don't want anyone near me just go away." I was scared but not of her more of myself. I was afraid that when the baby was born they would take him or her from me I was afraid. I was afraid of leaving yet wanting to leave but mostly I was afraid of losing my brothers and sisters and my home. I heard the lock turning in the door as I hid my head in my knees still not being able to calm myself down and feeling sick again.

Mrs Schryer came in and put her arms around me in a comforting hug. "It's ok to cry you've been through a lot I can't tell you I understand because I don't but I'm here for you this is what I tried to tell you in my office today."

I continued to sob uncontrollably. Then once again I went to the toilet and got sick after wiping my mouth I turned and held onto Mrs Schryer my aunt. She just held me and let me cry how long I cried for I don't know but finally I started to settle down somewhat.

"Shhh You know I've known you were my niece a couple months before your mom passed away. You're mom even asked me to watch out for you when you came to school she was so worried but why I don't know your a great kids and you're an A plus student. I'm just sorry I never told you before any of this."

"I I I I just want my mom back it's not fair that she would die in someone elses place I need her now. I want my sisters to know her and my brothers and I want II.." I couldn't go on.

"shhh I know Tricia I know. It's ok. It's good to see you finally letting it out. You haven't cried for your mom ever and I know it's cause you've always wanted to be there for your family."

With that I shot up "Where are they? Where are my brothers and sisters?" I almost screamed in fear..

"shhh it's ok calm down they are downstairs talking with your da. No need to worry he is sober you know he hasn't had a drink today took him a lot of guts to call me this afternoon. He wants what is best for you you know and the police he called them too right after he called me they are going to arrest the one that raped you".

I just shook my head I was trembling and feeling cold. Mrs Schryer helped me stand up and get down the stairs. We went into the living room and I sat down on the couch. Jer handed me a slice of pizza and a Dr Pepper.

"hey sis you need to eat and keep your strength up for the little one" He patted my tummy. "After all don't want to ruin my chances of being an uncle" It was his way of making things light and telling me he loved me I hugged him and took the slice slowly I ate only one slice and drank the pop. Jer had kindly packed my things or at least what I needed and da and had helped the others pack theirs.

At midnight we left our house and got in our Aunt's van. Aunt Sylvie that is. The others said goodbye to Da but I couldn't look at him. Jeremy was named after him. I just leaned back and closed my eyes in the front seat I must've fallen asleep because the next thing i knew we were already at my aunt's place. She helped me into the house and up the stairs the room that would be mine for probably the next year I collapsed on the bed so weak and tired and dozed off automatically. I didn't even know where the others were sleeping or if they were ok or even if my twin sisters were alright but I knew they were safe.

Maybe tomorrow things would be better...........


The End

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