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I was sitting in my last period English Class thinking of what I was going to cook for dinner and how I would keep peace in the house between da and I.  When the intercom in the classroom buzzed on and Mrs Schryer's voice could be heard.

"could you pls send Patricia Lockyear to the Office" and then clicked off again. The teacher nodded at me and I got up sighing what now I thought as the class was like "ooooh Tricia's in trouble."

I walked down the stairs and slowly to the office Mrs Schryer was waiting for me when I came in she motioned for me to sat down.

"Patricia I just got an interesting call from the daycare.  Do you mind telling me what's going on?"

I began to tremble in my seat what had she heard? "What do you mean Mrs Schryer there's nothing going on."

Mrs Schryer shook her head. "Why does Isaac have a black eye then?"

"Didn't he tell the daycare staff is that why they called me? His brother Samuel hit him the other day when they got into a fight"

"I can only believe that's the truth and I really do hope you are telling me the truth in the matter Patricia. Maybe one day soon you'll be able to talk to me about things. I am getting suspicious you know your dad never comes to any parent teacher meetings only you do and only you take your siblings to the daycare making you late every day for school most days and only you go to their parent teacher meetings. Look I have something to tell you."

I butted in as the bell went off to signal the end of school for the day. "can this wait Mrs Schryer I have an apt to keep at the dr's and I still have to be at the daycare by 5 to pick up my brothers and sisters and talk to Lexie and Lilly's teacher there."

She nodded "ok then we will talk in the morning whether you are late or not"

I knew she was serious I could tell by the tone of her voice oh please Lord don't let nothing be up. I quickly got up and ran out of the room to my locker grabbing my bag then took the bus to the dr's office. I was scared I knew I was pregnant, I had missed my monthly's for 2 months now and I knew it wasn't my boyfriend's but da's friend Patrick I sighed I was afraid of him with good reason when he was at the house 2 months ago he raped me I doubted da knew but I also doubted da would care either way. He didn't seem to love us anyway not since Mom passed away. What would I do I was 14 yrs old and pregnant now what? I settled onto the bus and once it stopped at my stop I got up and quickly walked into the office. I was just on time for the appt and the dr called me right in she knew that I had to go get the kids soon.

"Hi Tricia you're here for your blood results and I need to ask you a question hon after I tell you ok"

I nodded my lip trembling   as she asked me to sit down.

" Hon you are pregnant and I need to know how it happened was it mutual? or was it something else?"

I shook my head "I I can't tell you that Dr Switzer I'm sorry I just can't"

"I figured you would say that well there are options you know"

Quickly I told her no to the abortion and adoption it was my blood after all I told her. Then I got up and took the vitamins she handed me and walked out in a daze once again I got on a bus and took it to the daycare and walked inside it was only 4:30 now I went into Lexie and Lilly's room could the day get any worse? Their teacher quickly came over to me.

"Hi Patricia come on into the room over here" She pointed across the hall and then followed me in after I sat down she spoke. "I'm concerned about the twins they don't play with anyone but each other and they seem to only speak to me and not the other 2 people in the room. Is there anything you need to tell me?"

I shook my head no.

"well Patricia I have a suspicion of abuse and it's my duty to report it to CAS and the police you know that right?"

I nodded my head "pls don't it's not like that pls you can't do that they'll separate us all"

"I know that that's why I'm going to give you a couple days to figure things out but if by Thursday you still don't know what to do I'll have no choice. I'm pretty sure you and the others are covering things up the other staff here believe the same thing I'm sorry." with that she left me with tears streaming down my cheeks I quickly got up and rushed to get Lexie and Lilly we wouldn't return here after tomorrow I thought. But I knew it wouldn't make a difference. I got lexie and lilly in their stroller and went and got Emily and then Waited for Jeremy to come out with Samuel and Isaac and Benjamin. I tried to smile for them but I couldn't.

On the way home Jeremy asked the question. "we're in trouble aren't we?

I nodded He screamed F@!#

"Don't use that word" I told him. "look I'll figure something out."

Then he asked the last question before we entered the house "And you're pregnant so what's that? We can't do nothing." he began to cry and the others followed suit I turned around blocking the door.

"all of you stop you know if we walk through those doors crying what's going to happen ok I said I'll figure something out. How's this you all go into my room and lock the door I'll cook the meal and bring it upstairs. Emily can you help Benjamin bring up the twins and Jeremy can you carry Samuel upstairs?"

they nodded when we went inside I got the twins out of the stroller and watched them head quietly upstairs as I raced to the kitchen to make dinner knowing they were safe. I could hear the lock latch shut that's when I saw da. I shivered in fear.

"umm Hi da dinner will be ready soon" He stood up but there was something different he was sober.

"sit down Tricia we need to talk." I nodded and sat down. "don't worry about dinner I've ordered Pizza" Again I nodded.

"I'm sorry what I've put you through these last 2 yrs and last night too You're mother's sister is coming tomorrow you won't be going to school. First thing in the morning I'm going into rehab"

I shook my head I couldn't be hearing things right. " mom didn't have a sister da you know she was an only child."

He shook his head I could see his hands shaking. "no in her adopted family she was her birth sister is coming she found her birth family before she before she died a hero. I called her today at the school. Your Principal Mrs Schryer is your aunt"

I shot up like a cannon "WHAT! Da they are going to send us away the daycare told us so"

He shook his head "They were going to that's what helped me straighten out I love you all you're my kids I don't want to lose you. The cops showed up at my door today they saw the belt lashings on Samuel's back. Mrs Schryer your aunt Mary will care for you. Until they decide you can come back to live with me and I'm sober and clean. Rehab will help me I promise you no more drinking no more using."

Well fine I thought if things were coming out in the open I screamed at him "LET US GO NOW THEN DA YOU FOOL DO YOU KNOW WHAT PATRICK DID YOUR STUPID FRIEND DO YOU KNOW I'M 2 MONTHS PREGNANT? SCREW YOU WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE DONE THIS AND REALIZED ANY OF THIS BEFORE ANY OF THIS HAPPENED? SCREW YOU I HATE YOU YOU HEAR ME I HATE YOU. FOR 2 YRS I'VE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF MY BROTHER'S AND SISTERS AND NOW YOU SEND US AWAY? NOW YOU DECIDE TO TELL ME ABOUT MY AUNT MRS SCHRYER. YOU BETTER CALL HER NOW I'M NOT HAVING MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS OR MYSELF STAYING ONE MORE NIGHT IN THIS HOUSE!!!" *everything had just hit like a bullet and finally I exploded I ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs litterally crying I stumbled trying to unlock my door but I gather Jeremy heard and unlocked the doorand let me in I ran into my bathroom locked the door and sat hard on the floor threw the door I told Jeremy not to bother locking the door as da was sober and we were going away. then I just fell apart sobbing and crying I just couldn't stop.


The End

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