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My alarm began to woke up and I jumped out of bed slapping the alarm off before it could wake up my father. I knew it was time to wake up my siblings 5 for school the other 2 for daycare although thankfully the younger ones went to daycare after school also.

very quietly I showered in the bathroom in my room and got dressed. Then I unlocked my room and first went to my brother Jeremy's room who was 12 yrs old I unlocked his door and entered it walking over to the bed.

"Jer honey time to get up come on you have to get ready for school." He opened his eyes and moaned.

"do I have to go to school today? I don't feel that great"

I felt his forhead and realized he was hot I groaned now what?

I shook my head "It's ok Jeremy get up and take a shower though be quiet I'll figure something out and I'll get the thermometer."

I waited to make sure he was getting up out of bed and reminded him to be quiet and then left the room to go to the next room and unlocked the bedroom door with my 3 other brothers in it. 3 because they wanted to be together all 3 of them being so close in age.

6 yr old Samuel, 7 yr old Isaac and almost 9 yr old Benjamin. I entered the room and walked over to Ben's bed first. I shook him lightly.

"Come on sleep head time to get up kid. we have to get you fed and ready for school" Poor Benjamin it was his job to help Isaac get ready and showered and it was Jeremy's job to help Samuel as I had to help my sisters.

He stretched and yawned and then tried to pull the blanket back over his head.

"nope sorry not this time Ben lets go It's Monday you know we can't be late. if you guys are late then I'll be late for my school and that's not good for me so lets go." I pulled him up out of bed and tapped him gently on the bum "go get a shower then get out here and help Isaac."  I watched him head out to the bathroom on tiptoes.

Next it was Isaac's turn. Poor kid he had it rough what with his asthma and his speech problem I sighed thankfully though he had speech therapy in school and daycare both which was good for him. I touched him on the shoulder that's all it ever took for him.

"come on Izy time to get up buddy. We got school today remember."

It was like magic with him I just loved him although i could hear his wheezing right off and almost moaned. sounded like he would need the mask treatment before school. He sat up and looked at me.

"what am I wearing today Tricia? And what do I tell the teacher about my black eye?

I had it all figured out of course "Ben said he'll help ya get dressed and as for your black eye we will tell her that one of the twins got you in the eye with a toy or something ok?" I helped him up out of bed. " ok now get on into that bathroom and get ready you'll need the mask before school"

Isaac nodded. "I know I had trouble breathing last night but I was afraid to come and get you"  Then he headed off to the bathroom

That almost made me cry I just had to do something. Next was the hardest kid to wake up other then the twins of course who would start screaming. It was little Samuel's turn. I knew how I had to do it. Slowly I slipped into the bed beside him and pulled him onto my lap.

"come On sammy buddy my little prince time to get up sleepy head don't want to be late for grade 1 now do we?" I knew he loved school. Always took 5 minutes to get him up and awake and another 5 to get him out of bed.

Samuel opened his eyes and blinked them poor boy got the belt last night and  I couldn't help him that time.

"come on Samuel. Up and atom. Jer will be in in a few seconds to help you shower and dress then I'll take a look at that back of yours and get the salve on it ok." He nodded with tears in his eyes I could tell he was in pain. I couldn't let him see my fear or the tears in my  own eyes though and I turned away getting him out of bed. AS I did so Jeremy walked in smiling trying to cheer up Samuel.

"Hey little guy ready for some bathtub fun? We get to use Tricia's shower this time now that's great isn't it?" Again Samuel only nodded he rarely ever spoke he was so scared and it always broke my heart. Jeremy went over and picked up Samuel and turned to carry him to my room. We alternated with the boys for the bathroom every day I knew this shower time was going to hurt sammy and he wouldn't enjoy it. I frowned but I had 3 others to wake up and it was already 6:30.

I turned and left the room relocking the door since the other 2 boys were back from their shower. They could unlock the door from the inside so all was ok. Time to wake up 4 yr old Emily and the just turned 2 yr old twins Lilly and Lexie. They were also in the same room.

I came upon their door beside my own bedroom being the youngest I wanted them right beside my room. I'd have emily in my room but I was always up so late it couldn't be done. I quietly unlocked the room and walked inside and right over to Emily's bed.

"He sleepy head my big bear time to get up for school". I always called her bear she was one to want to be strong and brave although I knew she wasn't.

Emily Yawned and stretched she also had asthma but thankfully was fine this morning. "Tricia? Do I go to daycare first today?"

I laughed "you know you always go to daycare first your class doesn't start until the afternoon silly you're not in school full time yet kiddo. Come on now lets get to the showers ok" . Thankfully they had a shower in their room too. I walked with her to the bathroom and she went to the washroom as I began to run her bath water.

"Ok Hop in" I said when she was finished with her washroom break.. She jumped in the tub and I made a quick succession of getting her washed and hair washed brushing her teeth in the tub and grabbing the towel never time for dawdling here. I lifted her out of the tub in the towel and put my fingers to my lips her clothes were already layed out on her bed. "remember be quiet go get dressed I have to deal with your sisters ok? You wait for me before going downstairs to meet your brothers. " I knew Jeremy would keep the younger boys quiet.

Emily nodded and headed quietly out on tiptoes to her bed for her clothes and began to get dressed quickly I walked over to the toddler beds side by side to wake up Lexie and Lilly.

I picked up Lilly first and began to rub her back as she began to scream and cry and fuss i stuck her sucky in her mouth. Come on sweetie shh now none of that you don't want to wake up daddy now do you? I gave her a hug and kiss and let her wake up which took 10 minutes then put her down on the floor and did the same thing with Lilly. By this time it was already 7:15. I quietly took each of the twins hands and led them into the bathroom into the already fresh water I lifted one then the other into the tub as they splashed and played I washed them and then afterwards toweled them dry and got them dressed.

"are you guys ready for breakfast yet?" Lexie and Lilly smiled poor girls so quiet not like normal 2 yr olds the daycare always questioned me about bruises on their arms and legs the majority of the abuse though thankfully I or Jeremy took. The daycare staff in fact were also worried that the twins barely talked there. They spoke with us but not much and only in whispers but what could I do? I turned to Emily.

"come on Emily you take Lexie's hand today and help her downstairs ok? and I'll take Lilly's."

Emily nodded and quietly we made our way downstairs into the kitchen. It was now 7:30am. I put the twins in their high chairs and motioned to Jeremy to help me get breakfast ready reminding the younger kids to be quiet of course no reminding was necessary they knew what would happen if da woke up.

Very Quietly and quickly and we got the kids cereal and milk to drink and then we all ate our breakfast in quiet not even a peep out of anyone. Afterwards I got the twin stroller ready and went and got the twins ready thankfully it was May now and no need for jackets but that only stressed me out more school would be out soon and I knew summer break was the worst for me and would be for Jeremy as this year was his last in Daycare. He would be 13 at the end of the school year. I got the twins all buckled into their strollers and we quietly walked out of the house at 8:15 after Jeremy finished the dishes. I locked the door and instructed Emily and Samuel to hold onto either side of the stroller and Isaac and Ben to hold onto Jer's hands.

We fast walked a couple blocks away to the privately run Christian Daycare. I wondered why they never asked why da never brought us but figured it was because they thought he was working by this time. I buzzed in the code and we walked inside Jeremy took the boys to their rooms and I would go say goodbye once I got our sisters settled.

I brought Emily to her room first and whispered in her ear. "if they ask what happened to your  mouth tell them you  fell ok?"

Emily nodded and put her bag in her cubby a school bus would pick her and the boys up from the daycare for Christian School. It was what mom wanted and so I was putting all my college fund plus some into my siblings schooling and of course thankfully I had mom's money from before she passed still too I had learned early in life how to budget money so it lasted.  I hugged Emily and went over to the head teacher of the daycare class.

"Hi" I said. "here are Emily's puffers pls give them to her 4 times a day today. Her brother's Asthma is acting up today and I have a feeling Emily's may too. I gave Emily another hug I knew I was already running late once again. "be good ok I'll be back for you at 5"

I turned with the twins and parked the stroller over by the room and unbuckled their belts and helped them out I grabbed their huge diaper bag filled with extra clothes they were in potty training now and sometimes we had accidents.

"come on Lexie and lilly lets go find Ms Sarah shall we? "they nodded and laughed in joy they loved Ms Sara. We walked into the rooms and immediately they dropped my hands of course gave me a hug and ran to Ms Sarah their daycare teacher for the day.

She walked over to me after the twins headed over to play. "hi Patricia do you think we could talk today?"

I shook my head no "sorry I'm already running late for school but I can talk to you before I pick them up at 5 ok?" By the look on her face I was getting nervous.

"sure Patricia see you then" I turned and rushed off to the boys room. The buses were just pulling up it was 8:40.

Isaac and Samuel ran to me. I guessed they thought I had left without saying goodbye. I gave them each a hug. "Remember what I said ok. Be good " I had told Samuel earlier we would say he gave Isaac that black eye by mistake. I walked over to the teacher and handed over the mask.

"he may need this when he gets home from school his asthma is really acting up if the school calls pls call the high school and let me know ok." The staff their nodded thankfully the boys were all in the school age room. "another thing" I said " umm Jeremy is sick I forgot to take his temperature but I called the school already and told them he wouldn't be in is this a problem?"

"does he have the flu?" she asked. " no just a fever and he said a headache" I mumbled knowing I was going to be in trouble now with my teachers at school once again.

"not a problem"

"thanks" I turned and waving goodbye to the others rushed out the door as they began to head out to the bus at least I got them to the daycare in time tomorrow I would have to get up at 5:30am wasn't looking forward to it.

I raced to catch the bus knowing I was going to be late again. I got the bus just before it was about to take off and jumped on and paid my fare then sat down. I sighed as I saw the time when I reached the school 9:15. 15 minutes late. I went and got a late slip and was told to sit down as the principal wanted to see me. Oh no pls no more trouble I thought. I was called into the office.

"Hi Patricia We need to talk."

I only nodded.

Mrs Schryer looked at me and saw my stressed out sleepy face. "you've been late too many times once again in this past month Patricia what is going on at home? will you tell me pls I only want to help. "

I shook my head. "Mrs Schryer nothing is wrong just that my da goes to work early you know and I have to get the kids ready and I'm always late that's all It's hard sometimes. I've got twin sisters remember? They come first I'm sorry."

She shook her head "Patricia I know there is more to it then that. I don't know why you won't tell me but I have suspicion of what it is already.  I was thinking maybe you all needed a little rest from home for a bit I saw your father at the bar yesterday."

I moaned "It's nothing of the sorts Mrs Schryer pls just stay out of it ok. We are fine where we are. My grades are good I'm passing with flying colours what are you so worried about?" I spoke a little to snippily. " Can I go to class now?"

Mrs Schryer frowned. "I don't like the tone of your voice but I'll let it slide this time go to class Patricia here is your late pass and pls know if you need to talk you can trust me." with that she turned and went and sat at her desk. My mother had passed away shortly after I had started this school.  I wiped the tears out of my eyes and ran down the hall to class Stepping in I handed the first period teacher my pass and sat down in my seat.

The End

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