The RealizationMature

I was sitting in my room with the door locked as usual on the window seat crying my eyes out and staring outside. My name is Patricia Lockyear but my family calls me Tricia.

My Mother was dead she had died 2 yrs earlier and my father and turned into a drunk and abusive shortly afterwards he used to be so loving and kind the best father around. I'm only 14 yrs old and I have to take care of my 7 younger siblings. My 3 sisters 2 of which are twins and were born just before our mother passed on they never got the chance to know her and of course my 4 brothers..

I wish I could do something go somewhere anywhere but here unfortuntely my father  won't even let me leave the house but to go to school and then I have to return right home I can't even have friends over. My boyfriend doesn't understand why I say no to going out but I do have to keep this family lifestyle a secret and I have to take care of my brothers and sisters and keep them safe and fed and put to bed on time.

I shudder to think of what would happen if I were to leave them here alone with our drunken ignorant abusive father so I just don't do it. He is known to us only as Da we dare not call him anything else.

I stare out the window crying and shake my head. It is already 11pm but lately I haven't been able to sleep. My brothers and sisters are already in bed with their doors locked to keep them safe from our drunken father.

I wish I knew what to do I can't tell anyone or my family and I will be separated yet how can I move out and take them with me after all I'm only 14 still just a child but I can't stay here and I can't have my brothers and sisters staying here either I must do something and I know I must figure out what that something is now.

I listen as finally 2 hrs later I hear my father stumble drunkenly up the stairs and across the floor into his room and fall on his bed. I wait an other hr by then it is 2am and I finally feel it is safe enough for me to fall asleep knowing my father will sleep right till after I and my brothers and sisters go to school. Of course sleeping at 2 and getting up at 6am is a very hard thing to do but it's what I've been doing for the past 2 yrs now and thankfully  the twins are in daycare while I'm in school which of course I set up myself. Actually I am the closest thing to a mom that my 2 yr old sisters have as I am the one that has fully raised them and I am the closest thing to family that anyone has but who do I have? Why must I always be so alone? why must I have to be an adult and a mother to my siblings at 14 yrs of age? Who cares for me but me? Why did my mother have to try and save that stranger dying herself instead leaving us behind? Just a few questions that are constantly going through my head

I finally close my eyes knowing 6am comes quicker then I know and so I finally succumb to sleep knowing in just a few hrs my alarm clock will go off and it will be time to take care of my brothers and sisters once more.


The End

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