Finally after stuffing my school materials into my tiny locker, I catch you from the corner of my eye. You're walking by yourself, your wet hair sticking to your forehead. I automatically smile as you come closer to me.

Then you stop. You stare at me with shock hidden in your eyes. My smile gradually turns into a frown as you begin backing away from me.

Hey!” I shout pathetically as you run back around the corner, clearly trying to get away from my presence.

I chase after you. Confusion blocking my thoughts. Our footsteps echo in the lonely hallways, seeing as we're the only students left in the school.

I find you buckled over at the end of a hallway, panting. I stand in front of you, staring. A morsel of sweat slowly drips down past your eyebrow as you look up. Your liqud brown irises are shockingly expressionless. You show no hint of surprise this time.

Hi.”, you say with confidence as you walk past me. A small fake smile is forced onto your lips as I keep pace with you.

Why did you run?” I accuse gently. You merely shrug.

Thought you were someone else.” A mumble in response is all I get. You refuse to meet my eyes. Your head is bent down, staring at our feet.

Um, okay... So how was your day?” I asked nicely.

It was fine.” You hurry past me to the double doors leading to the outside courtyard. I groan quietly and follow.

A moment of silence dribbles into the air as we walk through the rain. “ Listen,” You start off just as we were about to exit the school grounds. I stop and meet your eyes, feeling the intensity as it crawls around us.

What happened yesterday, I don't know what came over me." You give me a breathtakingly perfect smile and I nearly forget what you just said.

Huh?” I stumble over my own words. You suddenly look highly aggravated and bothered.

Can you just forget about it, okay?” It feels like a slap in the face. “ Okay.” I mumble. Triumph takes over the rage and you beam at me.

Thanks babe, see you later." You smile at me- But I can see now that it's fake. 

My only company is the rain and these pitiful tears. You had me thinking that you were into me, that we had a chance. I was so optimistic, and you crushed my dreams so easily.

After staring after you for several moments, I begin to move my feet slowly. One step at a time. All the way home.

The End

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