Sudden Lust

After class I am forced to juggle my backpack, books and binder as I try to dodge through the crowd. I groan as I struggle to place some items into my opened bag before I trip over and humiliate myself. But it's too late. I crash into someone and go falling down onto someone else behind me.

I'm embarrassed.

I'm confused.

My books are spewed all over the hallway; currently being stepped on by passing by students. My backpack and all of my personal possessions are laid out in front of me. I am in the arms of an unknown boy.

Oh my god, are you okay?” asked an familiar, anxious voice. I lean my head back only to catch Marc's eyes.

His hazel irises are a lite with surprise, but are gentle and friendly. His soft fingers are twined in through mine as he helps me up. A flood of warmth is filled within me as a sudden smile is painted onto Marc's face. I feel the need to lean in. To allow my eyes to trace the million or so lines that are imprinted into his eyes. To lift up my hand and brush away the dirty blonde hair that has fallen onto his forehead.

Lustful feelings are hard to fight but I make an effort of it by keeping my eyes to the floor and answering his long awaited question.

Yea, I-I'm fine, just tripped is all.” I stutter as I begin searching for my things. Marc helps me and hands me several pages from my binder. I mouth my thanks and flip my bangs from out of my face.

An awkward silence has slipped in between me and Marc. I nervously peek at him. His gaze is fixed onto me and me only. It makes me feel insecure but also rather flattered.

Well, sorry for falling on you.” I mumble through tight lips. He gives me a forgiving smile and waves it away.

It's alright. Accidents happen...” I stand perfectly still as Marc turns on his heel and walks away. “I'll see you in class.” He calls back.

Bye.” I whisper a minute too late.

The End

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