The New Kid


It's a new day. A new opportunity.

I passed you in the halls today and you acted as if nothing happened yesterday.

It made me furious. Upset. I was left to wonder if you were just too shy to commit to a relationship or if you were some kind of player. 

In math class, I scribble down a number of options in my already filled notebook as the teacher bores on about some word problems we should be doing. Suddenly he is interrupted by a soft knock on the door. We all turn around only to catch the eyes of a stranger.

He is about our age; questioning on his height. His eyes are amazingly wide, filled with mere curiosity and hope. His long eyelashes brush his cheeks as he glances down at a crumpled up piece of paper he grips in his hand.

Um, I'm a new student here.” He mumbles quietly, trying to ignore the stares that are currently being burned into his back. The teacher waves him over and introduces the boy to the class.

“ Yes, yes of course. We've been expecting you. Everyone, this is Marc.”

Marc. I like that name.

The End

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