In the middle of class, nobody seems to notice me staring at you. I pretend to take notes, but every so often I'd glance your way, only to blush madly and look back down to my paper. I doddle nothing but only what a teenage girl would think up.

 I smile slightly at my latest drawing. It's of you. I'm a crappy artist but I can't help but laugh at the cuteness of the picture compared to your looks.

Out of nowhere a paper wad is thrown onto my desk. I look up only to meet your gaze. The sight of you grinning at me makes me giggle.

 You point at the paper, gesturing for me to open it. A small smile plays on my pale lips as I unfold the note.

Wanna hang out after school???” I read carefully. My heart beat is suddenly very loud in my ears, I grin like a fool. I quickly scrawl down a “Yes!” And throw it back to your desk. You catch it with ease and read it. You look back up and smile at me one last time before turning back around in your desk.

For the rest of the class, I am left day dreaming of the lame adventures that may occur after school. I dream of you confessing your love for me. I imagine you bringing me into your arms.

I know all I am going to do is make myself have high expectations, only to have them crushed. But for now, it's a possibility.

The End

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