Just Friends


During the bustling hour of lunch time, you come waltzing over to our table. You sit next to me calmly, only to smile and breath a gentle, “Hi.”

I can't reply, I am too shocked. Everyone continues on with the conversation, teasing each other softly. It's just another school day.

You glance over with curiosity, pondering on why I am silent. You tug at my hair, slightly smiling at my confused face. My cheeks become red with embarrassment but I still beam at you.

Suddenly all of our friends tease us at liking each other. You laugh at this, making my heart ache at your astonished face. It's as if you couldn't even imagine us together.

It makes me sad. It makes me want to cry. However, I hold back the sadness and laugh along with everyone else.

It's a forced laugh. A fake smile. I hate just being your friend.

The End

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