Sick of the fightingMature


Everything’s going to be okay, Ali,” I soothed, while simultaneously rubbing my little sister’s back. “They’ll stop fighting soon; just try to get some sleep for now.”

Our parents were still yelling at each other downstairs in the kitchen, while Alex and I lay in my bed as I tried to get her to sleep. I sighed, it was already nine and I still had to do my homework and then try to get some sleep. Even though I was exhausted, I knew that I was far from sleep. Since George, who is now my ex-boyfriend, broke up with me in front of at least half of the school. I could honestly say that I was dreading tomorrow.

As Alex and I lay on my bed, I continued to comfort her as I thought about what I was going to do about...well everything. Nothing seemed to be going right at the moment. It's like I'm tumbling into a bottomless pit, with no one to save me, not even myself.

Once Alex fell into a deep sleep I delicately shifted her off my lap and tucked her in to bed. Her eyes were still red and puffy from all of the crying she had been doing, but her face looked so peaceful now. I walked out of the room, making sure to carefully shut the door behind me so that she was less likely to hear the voices of my parents and I.

I quickly walked toward the harsh voices of my parents coming from the kitchen; they were still fighting. I angrily opened the door, the rage starting to reappear. Why didn't they care about Alex and I; their own children. Didn't they realise that we could hear every word, let alone how much it hurt us to see them fighting all the time.

I stormed through the kitchen door, trying to rein in my anger so that I didn't start screaming at them; therefore waking Alex. The kitchen was in a state of disaster; pots, pans, bowls and the leftovers from dinner were strewn over the wooden floor. My parents weren't looking any better than the kitchen was; their now dishevelled clothes were covered in food, and their faces were bright red from having yelled for over an hour. They were still fighting and glaring at each other, but thankfully had stopped screaming...for now.

Could you two just stop?!” I whispered harshly. Their heads snapped to face me, showing expressions of complete and utter shock. They obviously hadn't seen me enter the room; they had been too engrossed in their stupid divorce.

You've both been so worried about your divorce and about trying to win against each other. You don't even realise what's been happening to your children. For all you know we could have been robbed and murdered while you were fighting about who gets to keep the good china,” I screamed at them, letting out some of my pent up anger.

They just stood there; didn't say a word. I felt disheartened at their lack of love, at the fact that they just didn't seem to care about anything but their divorce anymore. The anger inside me continued to build. I had to get out of here. So I ran.

The End

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