The Real You

When I first talked to you, you we're like a clown, So fun to be with!  You're jokes are so funny that tears would fall down when I laugh. And when you try to impersonate a person I was like: "DAMN! you're so good at this. I wish I could also do that." But when you  immitated me after my audition, I felt embarrased. I lost my confidence after that happened. I just can tell you to stop because you're older than me and you're enjoying it. Every person kept on teasing me. You kept immitating me so that other persons would laugh and all of them would be enjoying it. But you don't know that I'm really hurt and embarassed of what you did. 

Everyday, I was just keeping the pain to myself. I can't be  my normal self again because of that. In short, I was really insecure. And One day, you're talking to us because of the disppointment that you feel about what we did. Suddenly, the words coming out from your mouth are these: "I was really mad because of you too. You're being irresponsible. You're the persons that I trust.You know who you are. I'm really mad." Then I was like: "Why can't you just talk to us in private?". The other person in-charge tried to talk to him but he ignored her. From that time on I didn't speak/talk to him because of what he did. Thank God I've saw the real you.

The End

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