The Real WorldMature

This story follows a homeless teenage boy, cast out by the fake world and forced to live in reality. Day after day he does his best to struggle forward, hoping to find something in this dark world. This will be a story of growing up in a world that doesn't want you, and finding a place for yourself in such a place.

I've found the world to be a like a rotten banana. Sure there are a few brown spots here and there, but you don't know how truly disgusting it is, not until you've peeled back the walls surrounding it. The world is a lot like that actually. On the surface, things look nice, and everyone seems to get along. Then comes the chaos that can only come out on the dark streets, in a foreign country, or even right in the living room. Terrorists attacks, brutal killings, abuse and darkness of the alleys that hides the waiting psychos. In those horrible situations, the true face of the world comes out from its shell, it pries away the mask it wears to show us its ugliness.

And even so, the world goes on like normal. The truth is pitiful, almost as pitiful as us people who shy away from it. We clamor around, running about like bees in a hive, looking for all the answers we can, that one, special reason as to why were even here. We hope, pray, wish that us human beings, are somehow irreplaceable and essential to the world. What a foolish notion, if we were to all disappear the next day, Mother Nature wouldn't even bat an eye, business would just continue as usual. But in the end, we cling to those ideals and beliefs, and religions, and “truths”, because they make us happy and comfortable. The real truth of this world is always looking us in the eye, but we can never even muster up the courage to look back.

What are you doing?” I slammed down the bundle of papers that I was writing on. They hit the ground hard, so did my hand, which hurt a bit. A girl, maybe 16 years old from the looks of it, glanced down at me with curious blue eyes. 

I was sitting on the pavement on the side of a shitty looking house. Minding my own business, I didn't even notice her sneak up on me.

Just writing something down.” I finally answered her a full minute after she asked. Her eyes sparkled a little, she pushed her blond hair aside and stared down at me in wonder.

Can I see?” She looked innocent, probably still was, at least for now. In her presence, I sighed. She was a little strange, it seems that no one taught her the rules just yet.

Fine, here.” Through my reluctance I handed her the papers. She took each one and I watched her read through them. The amazement never left her face, to tell the truth it was a bit awkward.

She was new to the streets, I could tell from the way her eyes still sparkled with hope. Even though her skin was patched with dirt, her hair just as filthy, and even with the smell that came from her clothes, she smiled. That fierceness that all us street folk have when we arrive, still lingered on her face. I've seen that look on countless kids. Being on the streets for two years now, I've seen it all. But still, never before have I seen a girl's eyes sparkle with that much energy, not even with the hyperactive ones.

She stopped reading them halfway through, and tilted her head towards me. “Its a little hard to understand, but it sounds deep."

Thanks.” Not sure whether to take that as a compliment, I just said my thanks out of habit. I took the papers back, folded them into a little square and put the stack in my pocket. For a moment the girl didn't speak, her frame just remained still, her head pointed somewhere far away. I was surprised at how quickly she changed moods, but then her cheerful face returned.

So are you like a writer or something?”

Nah, just an idiot with too much free time.”

That made her smile wider, even her teeth showed through a bit. Out of embarrassment I looked up, towards the sky. The sun was starting to set, I would have to go back soon.

I have to go.” Her face twisted and she looked disappointed.

Oh, okay.”I didn't like the look in her eyes, it made me want to stay a little longer. But it was time, the lunch crowd would be on its way soon enough, I couldn't afford to miss it, not for some girl. 

"I guess, I'll see you around." I don't know if she knew what I meant, that I would probably see her at a shelter sometime. I didn't have time to figure out either, there was work to be done. If I wanted to eat today, it was crucial that I hit the lunch crowd downtown.

I got to my feet and faced away from her. "See ya." Giving her a little wave I started to walk.

"Bye." From behind me I heard her, though I paid no real mind to it and kept walking.

I've seen a lot of kids on the street, I was a kid myself. I wasn't naive, I knew what went down during the night. The kind of things people would do to survive, the filthy low that I haven't yet reached.

For just a moment, while thinking about the horror that is the sex trade, I wondered: Has the new girl, fallen to that low yet?


The End

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