The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs

Everybody knows the story "The Three Little Pigs." In fact, some people have started to make their own versions, but has anybody ever actually asked the pigs? A reporter goes to fing out the REAL story but has a little trouble finding it....

Everybody knows the story "The Three Little Pigs." In fact, some people have made up their own versions. In some stories the pigs even get eaten! But has anybody asked the pigs? Well, I'm going to find out the real story.

Most "Three Little Pigs" stories start out that the pigs leave home to build their own houses. One was very lazy, the other played the guitar, and the third was a show-off apperently. Hey! I'm passing the first pig's house. Apperently the third pig built his brothers their own houses. I knocked on the door and Mr. Pig 1 came outside .

"Mr.Pig, I don't mean to bother you but would you mind telling us the story of "The Three Little Pigs?" I asked

"Everybody knows the story of "The Three Little Pigs." Don't you know it?" he replied.

"Of course I know it, but some people have been making different versions and I wanted to hear the real story directly from one of the pigs itself," I replied

"I will tell you the story, but I will make it quick because I was just about to take a nap," he said. Then I noticed what he was wearing,white and blue striped pajamas with a teddy bear in one hand and a pillow in the other.

"I finished my house quickly." he began "Using the first materials I could find. I thought straw was okay because it was very soft and nice. I built my house and went to my bedroom to take a nap, when the big bad wolf blew my house down! I went to my brother's house made of sticks. He happens to be an amateur guitar player, and when we went inside his house and didn't let the wolf inside he blew that house down too!! We ran to our other brother's house. He happens to be a big show off, so he made his house out of nice, strong looking material. We went inside his house and the wolf couldn't blow his house down! He is such a show-off! They both thanked me for warning them and I became the superhero of the fami-"

"That's not how it happened!" a voice exclaimed. I didn't notice that Mr.Pig 2, the guitar player, was listening to the story so he came to his brother's house, to the front yard where he was telling me the story.

"It happened like this," he said "I am a professional guitar player." he started.

"No your not," the lazy pig mumbled.

Mr.Pig 2 glared at his brother and continued "I was on my way to perform a concert with Marianas Trench when my annoying and lazy brother ran into my house and said the wolf was coming. We ran inside the house, locked the door and wouldn't let the wolf inside. So he blew down my house!

"You play for Marianas Trench?!" I exclaimed "Many people say you are an amateur guitarist"

He gasped "People lie that I am an amateur! Anyway, we ran to my brother's house and told him what happened the wolf tried to blow down the house but he couldn't blow down the small house! My brothers thanked me for scaring the wolf. You see, the wolf is afrad of guitars and loud noises. So I became the famous superhero of the family-"

"Why would you lie like that?!" asked the third pig brother. He was coming to the first pig borther's house.

"I will tell you the real story" the third pig said. "My two unimportant brothers came bursting through my door and said that the wolf was coming. I closed and locked the door and the wolf tried to blow my huge, white, marble mansion down." "He couldn't blow it down and I saved my brothers so everybody crowned me as 'The King of Fairytale Land'" he smiled

"What a liar" said the second pig

"What a showoff" said the first pig

I left the three pigs alone in the yard as the bickered about theoriginal story. So what is the real story? I don't know. I guess we'll have to stick with the boring old story.

The End

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