Jamie Washington

Jamie Washington was - by general town consensus - an odd fellow. Not dangerous, or a trouble maker or even rude mind you - always going on with his "yes sir"s and "no ma'am"s and "thank you"s even when there wasn't anything to be thanking anyone for - just a touch odd. Everyone in town knew Jamie, or at least knew someone who knew who Jamie was. 

"Set your watch by that boy you could." the old timers who seemed to perpetually occupy the corner booth at Carol's would say "Wouldn't never be wrong neither." And you probably could too, seeing as his routine never varied - 7:30am, stool on the end, two eggs, ham, coffee, one dollar tip, out by 8:00 - every Saturday for as long as anyone could remember, there was Jamie. Jamie and his notebooks.

In addition to being odd Jamie Washington was a watcher and a note taker. Jamie took notes on everything, what he did, who he talked to - when he did talk that was; quiet, that another one you can add to the list of things Jamie was - where he went, what he saw. All of it filed away in long, neat lists in Jamie's notebooks. The blue one with a running total of everyone who came into the diner. The red one with a line item for every penny Jamie had ever spent. 

Jamie kept those books with him always - heck they were almost another limb - and he kept them close too. Nobody had ever got a real good look in those books. Nobody that is until the day Jamie sat down at my table. 

"Ma'am? I've got something I think you should see."

The End

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