The Real Story of Mr. Clark C. Schoenburg's Murder

The unexpected murder of Mr. Clark C. Schoenburg shatters the peaceful facade of a small town. Suddenly, everyone is a suspect, and a clever sleuth must work out who the murderer is among webs of old secrets and sticky lies. How did Mr. Schoenburg die? Who killed him? Who is our detective and how will s/he solve the case? Help us decide in this multiple-solution collaborative addventure.

Let me preface this story by telling you that the people of our little town are a peace-loving folk, not being generally inclined toward unnecessary disturbances, hubbubs, or cold-blooded murders. So Mr. Clark C. Schoenburg's sudden and violent death shocked us all immensely and threw our little town into such a state as hadn't been seen or heard in these parts since . . . well, since there first was a little town here. It blew to smithereens the fragile shell of calm which we and our ancestors had so painstakingly cultivated like a stick of dynamite inside a porcelain teapot. And in the explosion, with our shells removed, we saw that our little town wasn't the quiet, innocent place we all pretended it was. We'd used that fragile shell for hiding things -- secrets we had grown comfortable not sharing.

Little Billy Cavanaugh -- poor soul -- found him lying face-down on the ground, 100% certified dead. None of us could believe anyone would murder Mr. Schoenburg, but Sheriff Hornby assured us the circumstances of his death were 100% certified suspicious. Mr. Schoenburg was a very pleasant and respectable man, not the sort of person anyone could imagine someone wanting to harm. But there it was. Mr. Clark C. Schoenburg had been murdered, there were no two ways about that, and what remained was to find out the who and the why.

There were a thousand and a half theories buzzing around, and there are still more than a few people who disagree on the specifics of the case to this day. But I'm going to tell you the real story of Mr. Clark C. Schoenburg's death, a story we probably still wouldn't have gotten to the bottom of if not for the hero who stepped in to dig through the many hidden layers of our little town and eventually turn up the naked truth of this shocking affair.

Of course, in order to get to the rest of this story, I must introduce you to our hero. And so, without further ado, meet --

The End

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