The real story of James

This story is about that guy James from twilight or what ever it's called. My friends are forcing me to write this. I don't even like twilight.
PS. Thats not the summary of the story.

Some Place in Italy in 1610

I can remember very little of what had happened to me. I remember that the pain was excrutiating. I couldn't take a second more of it. It felt like someone was burning me from the inside out. But I couldn't remember how I got where I was. One moment I was walking to my house and the next I was here, burning on the cold wet ground who knows where.

Now for some unknown reason, the burning has stopped. But I am very thirsty. It feels like my throat is on fire. Normally I would wish I had a tall glass of water, but now water doesn't sound...good enough. I need...something and I need it now. But what exactly do I need? I stood up. Everything was so clear and crisp. And it seemed like I could hear everything.

I could hear rats rummaging through garbbage, horse hooves in the distance, and a lady walking somewhere nearby. And I could also smell things. Smoke, garbbage, and something else. Something, sweet, and, inviting. It smelled wonderful. My throat burned in longing for it. I would have it. It would be mine. I stood up quickly and ran as fast as I could towards the smell.

Running was easy now, and I felt stronger. It seems that ever since I had gotten attacked I had become stronger, faster and more...acute of my senses. I let my nose lead me to the smell. The smell grew stronger and stronger as I ran. I was getting closer. My throat burned more and more with every passing second. Yes, I was almost there. Almost, Then out of nowhere, bam!

Someone ramned into me and knocked me to the ground. I didn't feel pain though. I hopped back up and for some reason I showed my teeth and growled. What was wrong with me. I never acted like this. My attacker stood tall in front of me. The man seemed familiar to me. But I don't remember where I had seen him before. 

"Who are you? And why did you knock me over?" I asked. I was angry and the words came out fast. The man shook his head and, tsk tsked, at me.

"You are young. But you should still know better than to steal a person's meal away from them. Now you will have to pay for letting it get away." The man said. Only that he wasn't a man. He was a she. Her words were high pitched and sounded like a bell. What had the girl ment by, "you will have to pay for letting it get away", ?

I had no money on me. I started to protest but my body was filled with excrutiating pain. Not like the burning earlier, but like someone was shocking me. My legs gave out and I fell to the ground. The last thing I heard was the woman laughing. Then everything went black.

The End

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