F- At The Homecoming (F- At The First Day Of School Part 2)


Dear Diary, 

Homecoming...I mean Hellcoming was tonight. I wear THE dress every year in my entire life. I got it from my aunt. She was so nice! I actually WANTED her to be my mom but she died a few years ago. Although I'd rather take her good spirit than a bad physical body! (My mom!) I wonder how my mom can be nice like her sister. 

"Time to get ready for homecoming." Penelope said as she slumped her bag into the counter, and went to the attic. She got the dress she got from her aunt and put it on, and slipped on her pair of shoes. Same old, same old. She combed her hair and put the littlest of makeup she barely had. She wanted to impress Lucas even though Ira threatened her that she was gonna be Lucas's date instead of Penny.
Half of her tells her Lucas will hang out with her all night long, but half of her says Ira and her squad will just humiliate her, causing Lucas NOT to talk to her. Penny thinks the other half of Ira and her squad was bigger, and can overpower Lucas's half. She had a good feeling somehow, though.
She opened the attic window and gazed at the rooftop. Nothing much to see, but it was a good sight nonetheless.

"PENELOPE AGATHA LAKEWELL!" Her good moments got interrupted by her drunk mother's screaming. "WASH THE DISHES BEFORE LEAVING YOU LITTLE PRISSY PUNK!" She said while drinking.

She sighed. She can be late for a few minutes and no one will notice, so she didn't say a word and did the dishes immediately.

After doing the dishes, Penny was right. Nobody cared that she was late, so she looked around and sat with a soda from a nearby vending machine.

Finally, Ira was the first one to notice her, along with Olivia and May.

"Oh, Em, Gee! Miss 150 wore the same dress! What a surprise, everyone!" Ira said as Olivia and May snickered.

"None of your business." I muttered as I went through them and lost sight of them in the southeast side of the dance floor. There, Lucas noticed Penny dancing gloomily.

"Hey Penny! I called you a lot of times but you didn't answer. Was something wrong?" Lucas said as he went to Penelope dancing.

Darn it, can't tell him my mother was slaving him.

"I just...um...went on a several-hour trip to visit my faraway relatives. I accidentally didn't bring my phone." Penny said.

Ugh, Lucas will then lecture me on how cellphones are important on trips in case someone calls. They might be worried as fudge.

"Oh. Well, we usually forget our cellphones! Just be sure to bring it next time." He laughed, causing Penny to laugh too. 

Although Ira and her friends were spying on them, and they weren't taking it so well.

"OMG! What's PENELOPE AGATHA LAKEWELL doing with LUKE BLAKE EVEREST?" Olivia commented, taking silent photos of them with her iPhone 6+.

"Oh Em Gee, new GOSSIP, to put on the school newspaper next week!" May said as Olivia sent her the photos via Bluetooth. She then swiped around and couldn't wait to post it on Instagram at Sunday as a PREVIEW of the next gossip fresh out the press. May was the editor of the gossip column in the Protagonize High school newspaper. (a/n: So I guess you know how it will turn out.)

"Upload that, and Olivia, take more photos of me ruining that NOT meant-to-be dance! Me and Lucas are totes meant to be! Just take a look. Ready your iPhones, gals!" Ira said as she strutted along.

"Hey Lucas! Wanna dance? I'm reeeeeeally sure Penny is um...a bit buzy! Yeah!" Ira said, flashing a fake phony smile.

"Um, no, actually I'm---" Penny muttered.

"OH SHUT UP! Lucas, sweetie! Let's dance!" Ira interrupted Penny and kissed Lucas on the cheek.

And of course Lucas was hypnotized by the celeb's magic.


"Wow...sure!" Lucas said, amazed and in-love, making Penny break in pieces. "Penny, I'll call you later so we can dance! Meanwhile, have a snack!" Lucas smiled. He then faded into thin air with Ira. Ira threw a note at me.

"Dear Miss 150,


xoxo, Ira."

Penny rolled her eyes, then sighed. Ira can be so swoony at times, that she can forget grammar. Second of all, she got DUMPED by her friend for such a beautiful but rude girl! All she wanted was a friend, or a nice family. Was that hard enough?

Ira stuck with Lucas all night long. And I never got a text message or call from Lucas stating that he'll dance with me. Once I saw them go out, I decided to follow them. I brought my old-fashioned Nokia cellphone, and had to modify it's settings to mute it's camera, in-case Ira and Lucas were doing something evil. I went out, hid immediately in a bush, and readied my cellphone.

"Look around! Someone might stalk us and take a photo...I want this to be private. Because Lucas, I have to tell you something." Ira said.

I had to duck and crouch to not look obvious, once I readied my cellphone again, Ira kissed Lucas deeply. I took a photo of it, and put it in my pocket. I eavesdropped on them.

"W-wow, Ira. This is much more than words...really." Lucas said. He did an expression, but I didn't know what it is. I was thinking he was smiling and deeply in love with Ira, and without a doubt, I went back in quietly, and cried in an empty corner. My hope for a friend or more was GONE, and I felt like a tattered paper again.

The End

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