My Dusty Diary Entry

A short story with 5 chapters, THE REAL NIGHTMARE IS ACTUALLY MY LIFE is about a girl named Penelope who is a total school nerd and is abused by her parents. Her life suddenly changes (in her view) when she meets a guy named Lucas, who she realizes is her new next-door neighbor and hottest boy at her school, disappointingly happy with another girl. And of course, that girl envisions Penelope as a rival, and will do everything she can to get rid of Penny in the school.

Dear Diary,

You're wondering, how did I get this diary if my mom is so abusive? Well, I sleep in the darn attic, so of course with all the boxes I was interested. I bumped into you at one of the boxes. You were old and dusty, but at least I have something to share my feelings. As in, you can't beleive believe how my life is going on right now. See, I can't even learn how to spell. I'm not just F- at school, I'm F- at LIFE. I used to think life was like a towel that wuold soak all the happiness up. UNTIL I MET HIM...My next door neighbor. It was the worst day of my life, so I thought it would just be a bad ending when I meet him, but I really don't know. Going back to school will be really tough for me. My name is Penelope and this is my diary. Where I'm going to write the nightmare that bugs me: My Life.

The End

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