The Real Indian

This story is about an average Indian living his daily life free from thoughts of culture,pollution,politics,global warming....etc.Too involved in his daily routine of earning his bread and butter .His only motive is to give good education to his children and live a satisfactory life by slogging day and night at work to save a little to secure his future.

Chapter One : Daily Routine

Today is again the same day as yesterday,

Nothing special to come my way,

Get up and pray,

Eat not to get frail,

Work to get higher pay,

Keep ur family happy at the end of each day !!!


This is a Story about Mr Amit a Financial Accountant at an MNC.He has been married for 3 years and is the father of a girl aged 1 year.His constant struggle as an accountant for the last 5 years has made him earn good reputation and get a promotion.

Still no sign of promotion even after slogging each day for 12 hours and providing services for his Boss's family.

Daily fights with his wife to leave this job and find a new one with better salary .But his confdence of getting a bigger role and becoming the CFO in a matter of few years.

Dream though distant but not false,gives him hope each day by praying at all possible gods in themorning for 1 hour and then fasting once in a week.




Disclaimer  “The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and don’t necessarily represent Sapient’s views.”


The End

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