Chapter 1.

They are 5 sisters each with their own special talent, with parents they barely know but very much fear. Accidentally making the world, they then have to go through havoc to keep it safe. The story is told from the viewpoint of the eldest sister, Alori, and her sisters are Suri, Chi, Salvia and Rose in chronological sequence of age. I hope you enjoy it!

 I sat down on a small star and gripped two of its chubby edges with my small smooth hands. In the distance I could hear Rose singing at the top of her sweet, delicate voice. The particular song was her favourite, she had been singing it off and on for a while now.

                             Little Planet, the one I made, your lucky that, Im gonna let you stay!

Her second verse was a lot darker, emphasising the planets she had forgotten. In reality they were just rocks, some big, others small, some had rings, others had exploded and two had water that my sister Chi had accidentally placed. Some turned slowly and others shook around like a bomb about to go off. Usually those ones did not last long though. I loved it out there.

              My sister came over to me. She smiled, but it was forced, simply for my benefit. Her usual bright orange aura was now a dark grey. She frowned. "You killed the star." I looked down and realized it was true. My indigo aura was seeping into the star and had covered it. A single tear fell from my face into the darkness. Nearby a planet shook violently and broke apart. I started to shake too, feeling like I needed to break apart. "Alori calm down. Salvia's words should mean nothing to you." I ignored her. Her aura darkened to the point where her face almost disappeared. "Alori get a grip. Rose looks up you. Salvia looks up to you." she ignored my snort of indignance. "Chi looks up to you.... I look up to you." She stopped talking and I turned, but if she was there, I couldn't see her. I turned back towards the planets. Rose was now within my view. She scrunched up her eyes and a small planet appeared. Her green aura flared with happiness. My middle sister , Chi, floated along near her. I tensed, waiting to hear her scorn. But she noticed I was fragile, because she said nothing. Her long dark hair, entirely slung over her shoulder was sleek and shiny. But the perfect image was spoilt because she was fidgeting with it. However, she seemed content to say nothing, so I followed suit.

                            When Rose was finished forming her planet, she back-handed it to float slowly away from us. Then she moved on to find a new spot. Chi followed her calling "Rose, careful... you don't want to fall into a black hole again!" I smiled and shook my head. Chi was by far the most protective of us all, but she couldn't stop Rose from doing what SHE wanted.

                   After a while, I began to realise how beautiful Rose's latest planet was. It had a lot of small islands, some big ones and massive parts on the top and bottom. At first I was simply bemused, but I later realised my mood improving. Soon my aura was a light yellow as per usual, and that's when I discovered the star had never died. My aura had made it look dark but had done nothing to hurt or affect it. I watched in shock as it exploded. All the nine planets around it including Rose's latest creation were knocked back and nearby stars were consumed. It's a wonder I was unaffected. I spun around and saw only two stars remained: The now huge one, and a smaller one to the north of me.

                                 One planet nearby was smoking, while a giant one was imploding on itself and then reforming. After a little while, it dawned on me that there was a black hole in the center of the planet. Far away, a tiny planet was unaffected. Another planet was blocked by the black hole thing, but on realizing its existence I realised it had rings.  As time went on , I came to the most planet Rose had made. There was nothing extraordinary about it compared to the rest, and yet t was my favourite. Rose loved it too... Chi was struggling to control her. Rose was dancing around while Chi chased her. This continued, Chi was getting frustrated. Eventually she shrieked at Rose and stopped in shock. The planet was changing as they stood there. It was the third planet she had affected.

The End

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