Ending Love

I saw Nate scream at the raven in anger and then suddenly fall to the floor in despair. I sought the front door for entry and found that it was unlocked. I quietly but quickly went up the front stairs to go up to his chamber. When I opened the door I ran to him and cradled him like I would a baby in my arms.

He looked up at me and said "I have waited for her to come back to me but now I realize she will never sit next to me again." After a few minutes of silent thinking he spoke again.

"I made a mistake in cutting off our engagement to pursue Lenore. Take me back and lift me from the depths of melancholy that entraps my heart."

I told him I have always loved him and loved him still. Though I was overjoyed I remembered the raven on the bust of Pallas. We looked up and said remarks of amazement. Then when Nate asked the extraordinary bird if he would stay on the bust forever, the bird replied a cool nevermore and flew off back into the storm. As he flew away we could hear his squawks and cries of help as the rain pelted his body.

The next morning when I went home, there was one black feather on the cover of my book. 



The End

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