The Storm

I was up late reading Mansfield Park because I could not sleep with the torrential down pour slamming into my house. Taking a look out of the petite bay window I saw a raven, black and shinning with rain, fly into his chamber window. A few minutes ago I had thought I had heard a faint whisper speak the name Lenore coming from my neighbor's house, but now I was sure. I was awestruck that the sound could travel even with the wind. The house was even more foreboding now then it was during the day. The dark stone glimmered in the rain; although it was a mysterious glimmer, because there were no stars shining in the night sky. I could see the shadows of the raven and Nate against the chamber wall. It looked like they were almost speaking to each other. The raven had flown up and onto the bust of Pallas upon his door. The raven appeared almost haughty as he sat on the goddesses bust.

            I thought it strange for a raven to fly into a man's house and then act like he owned it. Maybe the raven was a sign that Nate needed not to morn Lenore for the rest of his life. I could tell that the raven was saying something. It almost appeared to be answering the questions I could see Nate was asking. No matter what the bird was saying it seemed to have an effect of angering and saddening Nate. As the raven continued answering the questions, Nate grew more furious at the bird. The bird was only saying one word. As these events were happening, I had been traversing through the storm closer and closer to the ominous house. The wind brought tears to my eyes and the rain felt like bullets. I finally grew close enough to hear the one word the bird said. Nevermore, it said it once and nothing more.



The End

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