Mallory Gets It

   Detective Mallory McKenzie knew he was way out of his jurisdiction, but he couldn't resist leaning sideways  to see what his friend Jenny had received on her computer screen before she bolted for the lieutenant's office.

   He turned slightly and saw them deep in frenzied conversation. Jenny's shoulders hunched in exasperation, and the lieutenant only shook his head grimly.

    Mallory looked again at the cryptic message the frantic husband had relayed some minutes ago. With the same calm, dogged determination that had made a legend of his father, the detective pondered quietly for a moment, then rose and knocked on the lieutenant's door.

   "I know I'm only visiting here, Sir," he said, "But shouldn't you be heading over to Union Square?"

   "How'd you get that?" barked the lieutenant.

   "You'd have had it in moments, I know," replied Mallory. "Just look at the key pads on your phone. Eight is lettered TUV.  Six is MNO, and so on. With the numbers 8,6,4,6,6 and 7,7,8,2,7,3,  you get Union Square. "

    "You're Ian's son, right?" asked the lieutenant, turning to Jen. "Get the SWAT crew to Union Square. Now!"

The End

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