The Ransom (Hidden Message Challenge)

An hour after Bob came home to an empty apartment, a message arrived from his wife. Bob flipped open his cell and read it:

Bob, I’ve been kidnapped. These men want me to tell u there is 86 minutes 4 u to come up with 6 million dollars. 6 million or they will POUND me to death.

I am being held by 7 men at an undisclosed location. These 7 men will kill me if you don’t submit to their demands. My f8 is in ur hands. U have 2 hurry, Bob, u only have 73 minutes left. Hurry!

It was a short message, but Bob found it odd that his wife thought it would take him thirteen minutes to read it. Bob became frantic. His wife was held hostage in an undisclosed location. That could be anywhere in New York City.

After staring at his cell phone and reading the message a second time, Bob grabbed a handgun from his nightstand and left to rescue his wife.

The End

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