A story about a Ranger viewed as a celebrity, who is actually a klutz and bad at his job. His partner (called a Focuser) is actually the one doing all the work. They get the biggest job yet, but can they pull it off? WIP

                 The dim orange sun was already halfway beyond the far horizon, surrounded by a dark blue mantle of the sky. The opposite horizon was already dark and black, with the first brave starts beginning to shine. The streets were deserted, save for the odd drunk or homeless person in an alleyway. That is when the men began to move. A small knot of people, numbering six began to make their way down the cracked cobblestone road. They wore black robes and cloaks, hoods up and drawn tight around their faces, which were covered with dark masks. Their footsteps were muffled, for each had wrapped their feet with cloth to dampen the sound. They soon came to the top of a small hill and looked down at the base, at the only building that still had a glow in the windows.

                It was a small, brick building that had seen better days. Many of the bricks and much of the mortar was cracked, and some of the mortar was missing. The windows, though brightly lit, were often cracked or even missing panes, with paper quickly thrown up over the hole, and seemed to sag down into the wall. The roof was shingled, but with small holes here and there, and appeared to sag to the left.  Above the crooked door was an old sign that appeared as though it had been painted at one time, in a previous life. The sign read ‘The Lost Way Inn’.  

                Upon seeing the inn, the leader of the group made a gesture with his hand, and three of the six made their way down the hill, stopping just before the inn and then sliding into a nearby alleyway. Once there the leader of that group muttered something, which was then repeated by his followers. Around them a black mist came up, enveloping them until they disappeared into the many shadows. They then crept up to the mouth of the alley, to keep watch on the street and the entrance of the inn. Above them on the second floor was a row of windows, each leading to a room of the inn, of which only one was still lit.  The second group, seeing that the first group was in position began walking towards the inn. They stopped before the door, then entered.

                The inside of the inn was empty, save for the barkeep behind the counter who appeared to be asleep. It was a large room, with a giant communal fireplace in the center. Tables and chairs littered the room, while candles were hung from walls with no set pattern.  Barrels with taps lined the wall behind the barkeep.  The floor was well scuffed after having ben trod upon for ages. The men made their way slowly and silently towards the staircase leading to the second story, where the rooms were located.  Once upstairs the men made their way to the only door that had light showing around the edges.

                The leader of this group pointed his finger at the door lock and whispered something. A blue light leapt from his finger to the lock, and there was a barely audible ‘click’ noise. Then he slowly pushed open the now unlocked door. Inside the room was dim, what few candles were lit appeared to be close to burning out. The room possessed a single straw bed upon which there was the shape of someone under the blanket. The rest of the room was bare save for a few candles and a chamber pot in the far corner. Two of the three men entered, while one stayed out in the hallway as a lookout, closing the door behind them.  The men walked over to the bed, looking down upon the sleeping form. The first man looked to the second man, who nodded. They each reached under their cloaks and drew from their belts wicked looking black knives, which appeared to almost suck in the surrounding light. Without a sound each raised their knives above their heads and then brought them down with full force onto the bed. Each sunk in with a ‘squelch’ sound, and a dark read stain began to spread along the white blanket.  

                Just then the door to the room was kicked open and two men stormed in. The first sunk a silver long sword into the back of the first intruder, who let out a muffled groan while blood spurted from the wound onto the wall opposite of his chest. The second man raised his palm against the second intruder, who had turned and raised his knife. The newcomer murmured something and a bolt of green energy shot from his palm into the chest of the intruder. There was the sound of bones breaking and organs rupturing as the man’s chest cavity caved in. The two newcomers looked around the scene, and the first walked over to the bed, and lifted up the sheets. 

The End

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