Spark of Hope (ABC Story)

Always keep your head down and you’ll survive: that was Kaliko’s motto; it ran through her head just like it always did as she walked down the sidewalk towards school so as to keep her mind off of the forbidden subject of Before. Before was something the government refused to speak about; however, rumors were spread around rather quickly (those who did speak of it usually ended up disappearing).

Classes started at seven o’clock sharp; anyone caught not in class a second after was immediately sent to detention and nobody wanted to go there. Determined never to be late, Kaliko always arrived at school a half hour early, which made her teachers and the patrol officers like her more than the other students. Everyone of the students knew her name because of it but it was also the reason she had no friends. Fate, however, decided that it was time to change that part of her life this day.

Gradually, as she got closer to the classroom, she could see someone else sitting in her seat; it was a boy she’d never seen before, and that was saying something seeing as she could name most of the people in this school. He seemed to sense she was watching him from the doorway and turned to face her with a large smile on his face that gave her a confused feeling; no one was that happy.

“I’m sorry is this your seat?”

Just stay silent and he’ll leave you alone, Kaliko thought as she ignored the question and sat in the desk right next to him; she could feel his eyes still watching her curiously as she pulled out her notebook.

“Kaliko - is that your name?” Leaning in closer, he managed to make eye contact and Kaliko realized that he wasn’t going to leave her alone. “My name is Ever; I just moved here from the north side.” Now that was something that surprised her more than his insane happiness: why would anyone from the north side come to the west?

“Oh, and why did you come down here?”

“Patrol officers caught me doing things ‘against the law’ and had me transferred down to here. Quite a dumb decision on their part if you ask me.” Rubbing his finger against his desk, he chuckled softly to himself as if he’d made a joke.

“So what were you doing?”

“Telling my friends my thoughts on this stupid system the government has here. Utopias are supposed to be perfect and blissful right?” Very quickly, Kaliko shut her mouth and turned away from him, nothing he could say made her crack again; however, his words stayed with her until the next day and she found herself wanting to speak to him. When she got to school and saw him not sitting there in the desk, though, she knew exactly what had happened to him. Expecting him to show up was a false hope but she found herself holding on to it. Yammering, the other students began to file into class as she sat there contemplating Ever’s words. Zealous in her newfound inspiration, she knew what she wanted to do.


The End

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