Young Love <3

Three 54 Word Stories About My Teenage Love Life


1. I stifle a scream as something grasps my shoulders. Turning, I find him laughing and slug his arm. “You’re impossible,” I say with a faint, growing smile. He opens his mouth to speak when I hear her voice nearby. I watch in silence as he walks over and embraces her, leaving me to myself.

2. It was as if time itself had slowed. They spun together in the rhythm of the music, completely oblivious to anything else around them. She found herself laughing as he pulled her in any direction. Although she had never danced much before, he led her with perfect movements. At that moment, they were unstoppable.

3. I shivered in the cold as we walked back to the car, leaving the restaurant behind. An arm rested itself around my shoulder and I found myself leaning against him, searching for warmth. The other couples tagged along behind as he turned to me. “I’m so sorry I ever doubted you,” He whispered gently



The End

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