Character Sketch - Elizabeth Peterson

“Guys, look! We’ve got ourselves a full house!” Liza-Bee exclaimed as she turned back to her fellow actors. In her hand she gripped the maroon curtains that hid the other world from the audience. She could feel the adrenaline buzzing through her body as the director began to announce the play.

       Elizabeth Peterson was one of those frustrating people that no matter what happened to them, whether it was bad or good, they stayed totally happy and positive. Thanks to that, people flocked to her like birds to bread crumbs. Many compared her to a bee because she’s always buzzing from place to place (thus the nickname Liza-Bee). It was a rare experience to find her silent as she was always finding people to converse with; whether they were strangers or not it didn’t matter.

       She was a very beautiful person, inside and out. She never wore makeup but that didn’t matter. Liza-Bee always seemed to look amazing whatever the case might have been. Her long auburn hair usually sat in a simple ponytail minus the times when she felt like trying out new ways to keep it out of her face. Her eyes were the color of chocolate and always shined with her constant happiness. When Liza-Bee smiled, it seemed to light up the whole room with her joy. Many people called her the Wisdom Guru; she always knew what to say when someone needed words of advice. Thanks to her friendliness and loving aura, her friends learned that she would rather die than see them in pain. Her phone, which hadn’t been turned off in ages, was constantly alerting her of the struggles her companions were going through.

       What none of her peers knew was the dark side of Liza-Bee’s life. Behind this amazing angel was in fact one who only wished for someone to hold her tight just as she did with others. She prayed for a night when she didn’t have to go to sleep with tears or another broken conscious. A night when instead of hearing her father shout about how hopeless and lazy she was, he would come in right before she fell asleep just to say the three simple words she had longed to hear since she could talk. Elizabeth hid herself well, but inside she is just as lonely as those whom she comforts.

       “Thank you ladies and gentlemen and please enjoy the show.” The director finished and Liza-Bee anxiously examined the audience before the lights went down, knowing that all she’d find was disappointment. With a sorrowful sigh, she lifted up her head, put on the face of her character and walked out onto the stage.

The End

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