Nonsensical Jabberings from the Slightly Bizarre One

I really don't know how I manage it.

I seem to spend my life collecting ideas, completely random ideas that stick in my brain like dust in a spiderweb. And none of them make any sense whatsoever, they just sit there in my head jabbering nonsensically at me.

It may surprise you to know that more than half these ideas end up as stories.

Innuendos, they amuse me. Particularly ones involving long words no-one else understands.

Beware ze fluffi bassroom rug!

"I thought you said it was called Gentle Valley!
Oh the Valley's gentle enough. It's the Killer Daisies you gotta watch."

Never mind me, I'll just sit here in my own little world, watching life go by and plotting how to get my revenge.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy. I know I am.

I like typing in italics. I amuses me to watch the letters lean after getting drunk on Saturday night.

Life makes no sense. That's why it's fun.

Hoover, vacuum cleaner, whatever you call it. It sucks things up. <- INNUENDO ALERT!!!

And last of all...

EXTERMINIREN!!!! <-- Bilingual Dalek from Doctor Who. Epic.


The End

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