Jack's Shiii... Vol I

'it's funny how we enclose ourselves in glass to feel closer to what's outside.'

'it was aware that it was a machine; but did that awareness make it something else, or only act as a comfirmation of existance? "i think therefore i am" does little to tell one just what they are.'

'rust in peace.'

'raindrops look like tears. somebody probably wrote some poetry about this.'

'sometimes i doodle, then make attempts to explain said doodle. really.'

'lips met, parted, and divulged their treasures.'

'note to self: don't drink too much. it makes Thursday morning terrible.'

'essay thoughts: Kadaj as a "cyborg," penetrated by Jenova to create Sephiroth. gender theory by Orbaugh dies and i get to laugh in her face.
note to self: don't tell anyone you're watching Final Fantasy in a second year university class.'

'did he just say "game and movie night," or "gay man movie night?"'

The End

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