Orange Goo and Cookie Dough

Random thoughts of the author 9/27: Attempted contact with a mysterious orange/red goo in the sink. Intelligence level: undeterminable; either inanimate or extremely clever.

Random thoughts of the author 9/29: My white 'I cared' bracelet has started turning blue. This is worrysome, because this morning it was still white and now it's, what, 5:30 [mountain time] and it's almost completely blue. Maybe I'm radioactive. hmmm. Or have some kind of superpower of ruining anything white [which, if true, would explain why my white sweater has also deteriorated in this same fashion]. Or, possibly, I'm just going through a blue period like Picasso. All I can hope is that I don't turn into a smurf. Blue isn't really my color.

Random thoughts of the author 10/4: Yesterday the cookie dough man came to Orchestra. He came to tell us about a fundraising opportunity [thus, cookie dough]. The thing that sticks in my head about him is the way he said "cookie dough". He pronounced it carefully, almost sharply. It's a word he has had to say an unprecedented number of times in his life, a pathetic number of times, to the point that it's lost all appeal for him. All the sugary glitziness in the word has died for the guy. Sad, really. His soul drowned in Cookie Dough.

The End

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