The Rainkeeper

Cursed man only able to roam the world when it is raining. .................

The rain pelted the pavement as if trying to kill it. Minora sat in the vinal dining chair next to the window watching the water cascade. She loved it. The endless sheets of water and the magnificent sound it created both comforted her and made her feel safe. There were three candles resting on the table next to Minora. The power had died and they were the only source of light in the room. Minora had wanted to lay in the hammock out on the porch, but her aunt refused to allow it, despite Minora's promise to take along a blanket. She stared out the window, hoping the shower would last all night and into tomorrow. After all, her seventeenth birthday was soon to come and an endless downpour of rain would be the perfect gift. Something stirred in the street. The figure appeared to be that of a man in a black cloak. Minora leaned closer to cold glass. No one in his right mind would be strolling about in this relentless storm. It seemed like it was making its way towards the house. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Maybe it was a lost traveler. But then the figure stopped, as if staring back at Minora, and then diverted from the pavement path into the surrounding forest. Minora tried to be reasonable. It could have been dog. But then again, it was much too tall for a dog.

The End

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