Chapter 4444 - ....Mature

The day had began with a dull cream that stretched over the city in a suffocating fashion. Toshi observed the sky from his lonely seat in class. Though the sensei lectured, he watched a bird surf the wind and envied its freedom. Every now and then, he cast a speculative glance at Katsu who was sat at the front. Every question was answered in a I'm-a-cute-but-smart-student mantra which every bully with brains has learned. The sensei loved this act and as did the rest of the class. Ko, who was sat beside him, followed his answers with her adoring gaze.

Toshi however may as well had been in Korea. He was sat by various gossiping students more concerned with their make up or their favourite bands. One particularly attractive girl was applying eyeliner and using her phone's camera as a mirror. Her friend, a pudgy yet loquacious girl spoke rapidly. The thought process was to speak as much as possible and hope some words are actually heard.

"Well, Suki's mother told us they had to cut the electric to the whole town. No wonder Madoka couldn't Skype with me. It's that weird Raining Room site. Probably a prank from Otaku-Shrine or something. Sounds like a..." the pudgy girl said before cutting off. She noticed Toshi was staring. He looked away embarrassed before she softened her voice so he couldn't hear her.

"Well." she continued. "What do you think? Weren't you holidaying to Kyoto?"

The pudgy girl looked expectantly. The student put away her eyeliner seemingly satisfied with her progress. She shrugged and the pudgy girl spoke until her voice was loud once more.

Toshi looked back at Katsu and bit his lip. Part of him was anxious. We take care of each other. He thought of the horror stories he'd read in the US; Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech. He thought madly of swastikas and semi automatic guns and all of a sudden, all those revenge fantasy films and dark social comedies he had watched seemed to be in bad taste.

Don't be stupid. No one is going to shoot up the school. You're letting those dumb rumours get to you. Toshi rubbed his eyes. He was grateful no one paid attention to him. Outside, light raindrops begin to decorate the windows.

The class were laughing once more. Katsu must have said something funny once again. The Sensei laughed foolishly as did those around him. Only Ko's laugh was a gentle tinkle. Toshi frowned and looked down at the blank page where he was meant to be taking notes. Not today, obviously.

The rain began to gather momentum. The light began to dim slightly but no one seemed to notice. Toshi looked above and wondered.

More laughter. Katsu was slapping a student on the back in a mock 'atta-boy' gesture. The student's smile looked plastic. Toshi returned to doodling.

Don't look at him. You'll just make yourself angry.
Toshi stabbed at the blank page before him with his pen.

The rain was pounding on the windows now. The clouds had begun to break and Osaka was about to be cleansed. Once more, the lights flickered but now the class had noticed.

Katsu laughed and pointed to them. "Geez Sensei, even the lights are-"

He broke off suddenly. His classmates continued laughing until they saw his hands tremble. His body then began to shudder violently before his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Katsu looked out into nothingness as Ko screamed beside him. Her voice pierced the thick air but everyone could only watch in shock.

He stopped in an instant.

"Who are you?" he said, his voice almost a whisper.

Ko reached over with a caring yet speculative hand which was suddenly withdrawn as Katsu vomited violently. Deep red crashed down onto his desk and his notes for the day were forever stained. Later that day, the Sensei would see his 'notes' were merely vulgar doodles.

Katsu slammed to the floor and began to tremble once more. The Sensei snapped into action and dialed for an ambulance as the students surrounded Katsu. Ko grabbed his limp hands as though she could raise him up with her tender touch. But Katsu continued a white stare at nothing in particular.

Toshi watched this unfold in a frozen stare. His mouth hung open dumbly as he watched the pudgy girl and the eyeliner girl rush to the thick circle around Katsu.

Did.. I do this?

Outside, the rain shrieked as it cut through the Osaka air. No one in Toshi's class noticed even as the paramedics entered drenched to the bone.

The End

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