Chapter 4 - The Blackest of AngelsMature

The next day at school was the same as ever. A drab, grey affair which was no within the prisonic confines of the building. Toshi was sat at the back of his Math class trying his best to copy the equations from the board. Small semi circles had appeared under his eyes which he rubbed incessantly. Sleep threatened to steal him but he soldiered on. Despite this, his equations resembled little to that of his classmates. Sensei Ueda looked on though the silence was adequate.

The bell rang jolting Toshi awake. He was still wiping the sleep from his eyes as his classmates filed out. Ueda looked at his concerned but said nothing as Toshi left.

The hallway was dotted with various groups of students. The suave athletic, the rainbow-coloured visual kei lovers and the prissy Idol fans. Like a jigsaw piece in the wrong box, he stepped past them unnoticed. He heard various snatches of conversation which he could only tolerate.

Have you heard the new song? I hope Pata is okay. Oh, she's so cute. Hey, what's your Facebook? Typical Korean asshole. I love England. Heard about The Raining Room?

Toshi stopped dead and looked at the geeky duo who were stood by their lockers. They spied Toshi and left at once. He had gone sheet white hearing those seemingly innocuous words.

A powerful arm grabbed him by the hair and pulled him into darkness. Toshi shrieked painfully but could do nothing as he hit the cold floor. Trapped in dusty classroom, he looked up at the looming shapes that circled him.

Katsu leaned down and cut into Toshi's vision with a slasher's smile. He pulled out a sharp dagger and tapped it on Toshi's face.

"So... where were we, Toshi-chan?" he said.

Toshi struggled to crawl away but a well placed kick from one of Katsu's goons resigned him to his fate. Katsu pulled him close as though he were to kiss him.

"This is my Dad's dagger. He likes to hunt. But you're not decent prey, are you Toshi? Just a squirming little fucking lamb. I should cut off your fur and parade you around the school. Show all the girls what a tiny cock you have."

Katsu's head arched back and slammed into Toshi's face. His nose broke instantly, gushing blood like a broken faucet. Grabbing the mess of his nose, Toshi collapsed into a defeated heap. But Katsu wasn't done with him yet.

"Grab him." he ordered to his friends.

His friends complied and held his limbs. Toshi cried out but they did not give into pity. In fact, they were enjoying this to an unhealthy degree. Katsu wasted no time plunging the dagger into the threads of his trousers. They came off like torn wet paper. Katsu then tore into his shirt revealing the pale, white body underneath. His stomach hung over slightly eliciting laughs from his captors.

"You little greedy fuck. Mommy and Daddy spoil you, huh? Or they're just fattening you up so then can leave you in the forest." spat Katsu. His laughter was mechanical and unnatural. "I think we're done boys."

They hauled Toshi to his feet. Nothing remained on his body except his shoes and his flimsy boxers. A small part of him would later be grateful they granted him some dignity. If you could call it that.

"Remember, Toshi." said Katsu. His breath was most on Toshi's face. "Next time, you fuck with my hair" he raised his dagger which gleamed before him. "it'll be your skin."

They threw him out into the hallway. The chatter of the students stopped suddenly as the door slammed shut. One caustic intake of breath exploded into laughter more cruel than anything he'd ever experienced. The students took on a collective appeared; one laughing mouth that cut deeper into him than that dagger ever could.

Toshi could do nothing but run. His world blurred around him as the laughter congealed in his mind. But Katsu's words were scarred forever into his mind's eye: Next time... it'll be your skin.

The End

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